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Hidden golf treasure was found in Israel

By: 2014. 08. 04.

In general we do not hear too much golf news from Israel, especially in these days when the world is focusing on the Gaza conflict. Despite of the dreadful situation around the Gaza strip, from north of Tel…

15th European Maccabi Games 2019 Pannonia Golf and Country Club Individual scores 20190802

Golf tournament at the 15th European Maccabi Games!

By: 2019. 08. 04.

I was happy to discover that golf will be part of the 15th European Maccabi Games (29th July - 6th August 2019). The golf industry veteran, Mark D. Berman of Ponte Vedra Beach, FL was the Overall Golf…

What Crown Golf’s lethal generosity is about?

By: 2016. 08. 03.

I have just found a good example of lethal generosity when I read that Crown Golf (UK’s largest golf club operator) has dropped Club Hire fees at its venues in a bid to attract as many newcomers as possible.…

My adventure at Caesarea Golf Club

By: 2014. 07. 19.

I am facing a very interesting trip to Israel, where I am going to discover the Israeli golf industry and golf life. I will try to find answers why Israel is less successful in golf than Abu Dhabi.…