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Is Russia viable for a golf business opportunity? – part 1

By: 2010. 04. 10.

As I promised in my previous post, former director of Career Services at

SEO lesson for Nickent Golf and others

By: 2010. 01. 28.

I was reading Golf Business Development's summer edition where I found an article about Nickent Golf. At the end of the article I found URL of the brand: www.nickentgolf.com. Immediately I typed the URL into my browser where…

How to lose potential magazine subscribers in a day?

By: 2010. 01. 06.

During the Golf Expo 2009 that was held in Munich, Germany, I came across with Golf Business Development, a start-up golf business magazine. After reading couple of copies of the magazine, I decided to subscribe to it. I…

Golf industry’s Superbrands

By: 2009. 10. 04.

I was reading one of Golf Business Development's edition about a non-profit organization called Golf Environment Organisation(GEO). They claim about themselves that they are an international non-profit organization working to integrate the social, environmental and economic benefits of…