Golf course insurance as is should be

By: March 13, 2010

Spring is coming soon, and with it also "side effects" of post-winter time like inland waters and floods are endangering golf courses at least in Europe. But we should be also prepared for hurricanes whenever they likely to occur. As a result of increased number of environmental disasters, many insurance companies are reducing their risk exposures for property insurance primarily in coastal areas of US. Due to the increased number of hurricanes made it less lucrative for these insurance companies. I think these phenomenons will not decline as we are still do not take environment protection more seriously.

Nevertheless, most common types of claims of golf courses are (still) involved in general liability and property losses continue to occur as a result of fires; slips, trips and falls; and wind damage according to Travelers (official partner of National Golf Foundation).


Nevertheless, we hardly can find any article in golf magazines and golf industry websites about golf course insurance issues. They make as it is not effecting golf course operations. This is also true regarding personal insurances on golf courses. You will not believe, but even on R&A's website (Royal & Ancient) there is no info about this topic.

As I looked for golf course insurance solutions I found some insurance companies and brokerages who provide such services in UK and in US:

  • Bradley's Insurance:
  • Allen Financial Insurance Group:
  • Alliant Insurance:
  • Golfplan (UK; official supplier of PGA):
  • Golf Insurance Services:
  • Live Asset Insurance:
  • Golfcare (UK's largest golf insurance company supported by Lloyd's): – although it claims that they have solutions for golf course insurance, however there is no link on their website.
  • Golfshield (UK):
  • Philadelphia Insurance Companies:
  • E&L Insurance (UK)
  • Insure4sport (UK; trading name of JRW Group Services Ltd)
  • Sportscover (UK; backed by Lloyd's)
  • Tonic Golf (UK; cover is underwritten by AIG (Europe) Ltd.)

GCSAA (Golf Course Superintendents Association of America)provides two kinds of insurances, one for directors and officers liability and the second is a general/property liability insurance. Participants in the GCSAA-sponsored insurance program should plan to budget about $1,100 per year for insurance coverage.