Who are the sustainability champions in 2020?

By: January 21, 2020

In employee experience development, we highlight the importance of recognizing employees’ achievements and performance.

Recognition can be meaningful if we do it in a timely and genuine way.

My concern with recognition is that it is not about the person, but rather about the person’s performance that happened in the past.

Let’s acknowledge our employees’ inherent values too. If you focus too much on performance as a golf club manager then you will miss opportunities to connect with and support your team members.

Sustainability Champions in 2020 by GEO

I intended these as thought-provoking before moving on to the main topic.

Sustainability champions in 2020

GEO Foundation has today announced a new initiative to recognize and celebrate individuals who have made an exceptional contribution to advancing sustainability in golf.

These Sustainability Champions are honored for their significant and measurable achievements in:

  • club and course management, and in the future, this will extend to course design, tournament staging, and advocacy.
Jonathan Smith, Executive Director, GEO Foundation said:

“Golf’s positive contributions to the environment and communities come from the commitments, actions and results generated by real people across the sport, around the world. 

It is their voluntary leadership that is helping deliver stronger and more sustainable businesses; changing the image of the game; and delivering even more value to society.

This is our way of recognising and rewarding them, as individuals, and will hopefully inspire many others to step forward and follow suit.”

Steve Isaac, Director – Sustainability, The R&A said:

“Addressing sustainability often requires behavioural change and investment in infrastructure

It takes courage for individuals at golf facilities to take the lead in promoting such activities to their managers and employers. Those that succeed have to be truly committed and persuasive. 

‘Sustainability Champions’ recognises these individuals who not only follow their conscience and do what is right, but who take action that reflects favourably on the golf business and on the sport itself.”

Sustainability champions by GEO in 2020
Sustainability champion – Howard Craft CMDip

In the bottom right corner, you can see Howard Craft CMDip, the club manager of Berkhamsted Golf Club.

His golf club will host the world’s 1st gender-neutral elite amateur golf tournament the 61st Berkhamsted Trophy between 2nd April & 4th April 2020.