Would you give an Eco-Friendly Award to Pula Golf Resort?

By: September 21, 2022

Probably one of the very few positive side effects of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is the understanding of the importance of renewable energies.

Those golf clubs and resorts that – among them, Pula Golf Resort in Mallorca – invested in renewable energies now can reap the benefits & return of their investments.

A Mastercard study found in 2021

  • More than 3 in 5 (62%) say it’s now more important than before that companies behave in a more sustainable and eco-friendly way.
  • A large proportion of adults across the world (85%) state they’re willing to take personal action to combat environmental and sustainability issues in 2021.
  • Changes in attitudes and actions have increased more rapidly due to the pandemic.
  • TOP 3 reasons people feel environmental and sustainable issues are more critical now compared to before: having more time to think about environmental impact (44%), seeing discarded PPE (42%), and feeling more connected to the local community (34%).
Pula Golf Resort garden golf course

To establish the future for our golf club/resort it is worth understanding that Millennials and Generation Z care much more about sustainability, sustainable buying, and stand out for climate change activism.

What I saw at many leading golf clubs in the last couple of years was striving to achieve the GEO Certified status. Will they invest also in becoming certified as Climate Neutral too?

Pula Golf Resort – ‘World’s Best Eco-Friendly Golf Facility’?

Pula Golf Resort can count ‘World’s Best Eco-Friendly Golf Facility’ among its seven nominated categories at the 2022 World Golf Awards.

Can Pula Golf Resort win against Sentosa Golf Club?

Pula Golf Resort golf course fairway

The Pula Golf Resort is shortlisted for awards, including ‘World’s Best Emerging Golf Destination’ and ‘Europe’s Best Golf Venue’ too.

The resort has received recognition for its long-term commitment to sustainable golf with a certification from environmental experts ARC360.

Pula Golf Resort was among the first European resorts to take major strides into the world of sustainable golfing, spearheaded by a specially-designed irrigation system that drastically reduces waste by recycling water around the golf course.

Last year it became the first hotel linked to a golf course in Spain to become a Competitive Regenerative Hotel (CRH), a hotel that generates more resources than it consumes.

Pula Golf Resort - SOSTENIBILIDAD_2

This means guests at Pula can enjoy the stunning 18-hole course and rustic hotel without worrying about the environmental impact of their visit.

Beginning in 2017, the resort worked closely with Spain’s green energy specialists Alcanzia to make electricity at the hotel even more eco-conscious.

The resort saw in 2019 another step forward with the removal of plastic bottles from the stunning S’era de Pula Restaurant, while a second spacious ecological garden was opened.

Pula Golf Resort house