Troon continues to work with Brookwater Golf & Country Club

By: June 7, 2018

Troon International has been selected to manage the Brookwater Golf and Country Club, Queensland’s (Australia) premium golfing destination. Troon is managing Brookwater Golf and Country Club (18-hole, par 72 championship golf course, a Greg Norman design) for over 15 years.

Declan McCollam will come back as the general manager after 15 years. He was the Director of Golf during the club’s first year in operation.

He said “There is huge potential within the Australian golf marketplace. With approximately three million golfers in Australia and two million of these being non-members, there is a great opportunity for clubs who provide the very best products and services to gain members and visitors alike.”

Brookwater Golf & Country Club - The tree lined 18th hole offers a thrilling conclusion

I don’t where Declan McCollam’s golf participation figures are coming from, but Golf Australia’s Golf Participation Report for 2016 is showing different figures (it was published in May 2017):

  • National membership numbers across Australia were reported as 393,975.
  • The average club size in Australia is 237 members, with metropolitan clubs on average having more than three times the number of members as regional clubs.
  • Since 1998 there is a continuous decline in golf club membership. In 1998, there were 500,000 golf club members. We find 1.2% per annum decline.
  • Female members declined by 3% in 2016, which continues a steady decline over the past five years. Females now account for just under 20% of national members – down from just under 21% in 2012. The best year was 1970 when the share of female golfers was 34%.
  • The national attraction rate is 7.7%, and the attrition rate of 8.7%.
  • For the 2016 calendar year, approximately 14.85 million rounds were recorded by GolfLink across the same facility base, a 2.1% increase over the same twelve month period in the prior year. In Queensland, there were 2,755,894 rounds. Based on the number of rounds, Queensland is the #3 region.

In my previous post where I wrote about the business opportunities in the Australian golf industry, I found  766,000 casual golfers (source: Australian Golf Industry Council, ‘Australian Golf Landscape’, 2015).

View of the 4th hole at Brookwater Golf & Country Club