How does Golf Genius help impress tournament organizers and golfers?

By: May 31, 2022

Perhaps needless to say how much customers’ expectations have changed as a result of various digital innovations. A recent Epsilon study found that 80% of customers are more likely to make a purchase when businesses provide a customized experience.

Golf tournaments are not exceptions! They should be part of golf clubs’ omnichannel personalization strategy. Before I would share with you Golf Genius‘ latest success stories, I would like to give you a list of questions that can help your personalization efforts in your golf club.

NGL Golf_Golf Genius Software

Foundation of personalization strategy

Before you would jump on the idea of personalization strategy development, ask yourself these questions. They will help you a lot:

  • What are your goals? E.g. driving revenue, improving customer loyalty, etc. Try to give as specific goals as possible.
  • How will you measure success? Setting clear key performance indicators (KPIs) and tracking metrics regularly helps keep everyone involved on target, motivated, and ready to pivot to doing more of what’s working and less of what’s not.
  • What teams will be involved?
  • What personalization technology solutions are integrating? E.g. Golf Genius Software for golf tournaments.
  • Who are we targeting?
  • What data can we use to segment audiences?
  • How will we create content for each segment?

If you need more help then send me your request.

Golf Genius: Golfing Days and NGL Golf

Golfing Days and NGL Golf, two of the leading specialist event providers in the market, have utilized Golf Genius’ software to organize and manage their corporate events, pro-ams, and society golf events for their portfolio of clients.

Mark Hatton, Founder & CEO of Golfing Days, commented:

“In the immediate aftermath of the pandemic, we were cautious about how events would work, but with the support and innovation of Golf Genius, we were able to keep our roundage high and deliver some of our most notable events like The National Golf Club Team Championship.

Director of NGL Golf, Rob Cooper added:

“We are passionate about creating industry-leading events for our corporate golf clients and Golf Genius supports us with our event management, registration portals, branding, scoring and our unique Electronic Scoreboard Tournament Office, which also integrates seamlessly with the software.”