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By: June 21, 2022

Golf clubs are always on the look out for ways to retain members and integrate potential new ones, in the most engaging way possible. This might be through leagues, roll-ups, or swindles (to name a few) – all of which create an environment to socialize and meet new people at the golf club.

So, what is the solution for clubs?

Integrated digital software is something clubs should maximize.

Golf Genius is able to cater for any golf organization at a club – whether it be for a formal league run every year, or an informal weekly roll-up with a changing number of players.

Every community can benefit from the Golf Genius software, to create a competitive format that players can easily interact with.

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What does it mean for a golf club?

One of the greatest benefits of implementing Golf Genius when managing a golf community is the alleviated stress on the administration process.

Through innovative means, the digital aspect of managing a series of events is made simpler for golf clubs, with the capabilities of the system going far beyond just simply running an event.

Leaderboards, competitions, custom calendars, and player performance histories are just a few of the features that a golf club can utilize.

Less work and more fun are a fundamental part of the Golf Genius system – helping to ease the time-consuming tasks that go into competition operations and creating an engaging platform to keep golfers excited about the game.

With an innovative library of formats and the flexible nature of the software, Golf Genius has the capability to create a series of events bespoke to a specific community of golfers.

Golf Genius software with users tournament management

Live mobile scoring, digital scorecards, and a running leader board for the season of events are all accessible – to use and manage how the club sees fit for each organization.

When it comes to season management, any golf club can showcase its full calendar of events to both generate some excitement about what’s to come and encourage other members to join or take part.

You can set up season order of merits, control how many points are available for each event (perhaps depending on the format on the day) and all players can track their standings throughout the duration of events.

With versatility at the core of the software, the event and format can change depending on the number of golfers each time.

For example, you may choose a traditional betterball, foursomes, or Texas scramble format, or incorporate some side games such as birdies or skins when there aren’t as many players involved.

The Golf Genius software makes the event management logistics a simple, yet fun and engaging process to suit the specific needs of each golf organization.

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