Why is hard to be the CEO of Srixon / Cleveland Golf USA?

By: February 22, 2016

Once again, I can write about a new President & CEO of Srixon / Cleveland Golf / XXIO – U.S.A. This would not be a problem if between the two appointments would not be 7 months. The outgoing President & CEO Bill Bird had been in this position officially since last July. Bird has served as President of the company since March of 2015 while also continuing in his role as Chief Financial Officer. Afer the change he will get back to his previous position as CFO of the company.

Matt Yasumoto will be appointed to the position of President & CEO of Srixon / Cleveland Golf / XXIO – U.S.A., effective February 29th, 2016. Yasumoto is currently serving as an Executive Officer of Dunlop Sports CO. Ltd. directing the Overseas Business Planning Group, while also serving as Chairman for Srixon Sports Australia, and as a Director for the Dunlop Sports group companies in Europe, Korea and South Africa.  Mr. Yasumoto has previously served as Executive Director of Srixon Sports Asia and President of Cleveland Golf Japan.

Can we say that the owners were not satisfied with Bill Bird’s performance or he simply fits more to be a CFO?