How can the new Titleist Velocity golf ball provide more distance & speed?

By: February 8, 2022

I have decided that this year I will choose only those golf balls that suit my abilities if there is a way to do it. I must admit, I am still under the spell of the new Wilson Trian golf balls.

Titleist has just launched its new Titleist Velocity golf balls ($29.99/dozen MAP). The Matte Orange, Matte Green, and New Matte Blue will be available from Oct. 1, 2022.

Titleist Velocity golf ball on the tee

Frederick Waddell, Director of Golf Ball Product Management, Titleist said

“We were able to achieve the performance goals of longer driver and iron distance while maintaining its high flight and greenside playability through new and reformulated core and cover technology.”

Titleist Velocity golf ball – technology

  • NEW higher compression 1.550” LSX CORE generates faster speed on full swing shots to deliver maximum distance. The new LSX core is slightly firmer than the previous version, though overall compression remains the same.
  • REFORMULATED NaZ+ COVER was designed for increased speed and playable greenside feel.
  • A spherically-tiled 350 Octahedral DIMPLE DESIGN promotes a consistent and high flight trajectory.

The firmer LSX core and softer NaZ+ cover are in charge of the greenside spin. A new Matte Blue Velocity will be introduced to the market in October along with Matte Orange and Green.

The new Titleist Velocity golf balls are manufactured by Titleist associates at Titleist’s owned-and-operated Ball Plant 2 in Greater New Bedford, Mass.

Titleist Velocity golf ball and the driver