How can the new Fujikura Golf Axiom shaft stabilize our golf clubs’ movement?

By: February 19, 2023

So far, when I was looking for a new shaft for my golf clubs, I took the following 5 aspects into account:

  • Flex,
  • Weight,
  • Length,
  • Torque,
  • Kick point.

Now, Fujikura Golf is explaining to me to pay attention to stability through transition and impact to be able to increase velocity and smash factor.

Fujikura Golf Axiom shafts

Take a closer look at the new Fujikura Golf Axiom shafts. You will notice that they also feature VeloCare Technology, like in the previous Fujikura Golf VENTUS and Fujikura Golf VENTUS TR shafts.

VeloCore technology is a multi-material bias core construction technique that delivers ultimate stability through transition and impact (maximizing clubhead MOI) – increasing velocity and smash factor. 

You ask the question rightfully when you ask what is different or better about the new Fujikura Golf Axiom shaft.

Fujikura Golf Axiom shafts – innovations

Extensive player testing and enso® analytics validated that the integration of VeloCore Technology into an iron profile yielded the same performance results players have experienced with VENTUS.

These benefits include

  • ball speeds from better and more consistent center-face contact,
  • tightened dispersion (both distance and accuracy), and
  • excellent control for more consistent shot patterns.

Another key feature of the new Fujikura Golf AXIOM shaft line is an innovative 3-parallel shaft length system that further drives performance throughout the set.

Fujikura Golf Axiom shaft_Hero_black

Long (2iron-4iron), mid (5iron-7iron), and short (8iron-P) shaft parallel configurations help create a constant set weight and eliminate the need for extensive shaft tipping.

Reduced tipping enables the retention of premium material integration in the tip section to maintain consistency and feel.

Fujikura Golf AXIOM shafts are available in 3 shaft weights and various flexes to fit a wide range of players and are designed for golfers seeking to maximize their iron performance by hitting it closer to their target more consistently and efficiently.

Fujikura Golf AXIOM shafts will be available at retail from March 2023 through authorized Fujikura Charter Dealers.

Fujikura Golf Axiom shafts – Pricing & Availability
  • 125 gram – X-Stiff – MSRP: $125
  • 105 gram – Stiff; X-Stiff – MSRP: $115
  • 75 gram – R2; Regular; Stiff – MSRP: $105