LPGA’s future in numbers

By: July 7, 2014

I assume you know that in this year the US Open and the US Women's Open were taken in the same place (Pinehurst No. 2) and very close to each other in time. I thought it might not be the ideal date for the US Women's Open due to the closeness in time.

However Kelly Thesier, Director of Media Communications at the LPGA Tour, convinced me that the attention toward their championship was not effected by men's championship on the contrary.

The stats below proves the growing popularity of LPGA events:

LPGA by Numbers

LPGA has since 2011 gained back the lost sponsors fully by acquiring 13 new title sponsors and 11 new marketing partners. Last month, KPMG announced its decision to take over the title sponsorship of one of the LPGA’s five major championships; the newly branded KPMG Women’s PGA Championship in 2015 will have a purse of $3.5M, up $1.25M versus this year’s LPGA Championship. 

Based on the findings of Glideslope, I think LPGA will be in better position to gain further sponsors as the LPGA championships' TV viewership is increasing. In parallel LPGA should consider the findings of Digital Women Influencer Study conducted by Weber Shandwick to be able to utilize social media to attract more women to golf.

The study found that if we want to attract women with high household income and to initiate dialogue with them, then we should find these women via Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Blogger. This sounds a little bit generic to me. Although it is worth to measure where women have bigger presence +who they are. However I would not neglect to use YouTube even if this study says it is used by younger women.

One thing is sure, women in social media have greater influence than in any other communication channel or platform even in other online platforms.