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Shark Experience in the golf cart

The Shark Experience vs Pace of Play. Can you decide?

By: 2017. 12. 22.

I am that golfer who goes to play golf with his friends to relax and talk with them during his stay in the golf club. What I experienced so far that we golfers need silence, tranquility, and silence…

Carnoustie Golf Links Scotland Tagmarshal

Carnoustie Golf Links saved 17 minutes of its golfers’ time

By: 2017. 12. 08.

The R&A found two years ago in its survey that 60% of golfers would enjoy golf more if they could play golf in less time. Most recently, a USGA survey shows 74% of golfers believe appropriate speed is critical…

Ingersoll Rand Club Car Visage

What do golf clubs benefit from Ingersoll Rand’s acquisition?

By: 2017. 11. 23.

I have been talking for a while about the importance of creating added value services not just for golfers, but also for golf clubs. This is why I think, Ingersoll Rand's latest acquisition is a smart way to…

Honma Golf Gallery Store within the popular Roger Dunn Golf Shops’ Santa Ana, California

Can we get meaningful experience at the new Honma Golf Gallery Store?

By: 2017. 11. 21.

We can agree that there are not so many headlines around the Japan-based Honma Golf. Have you heard about that last year the Japanese prime minister gave a Honma Beres S-05 with 9.5 degrees of loft with a…

Foremost 59club logos

How Foremost tries to win at customer experience?

By: 2017. 10. 23.

One of this year's TOP 5 retail trends is the creation of meaningful customer experience and brand engagement. Smarter companies like Foremost (soon I will tell you why) understood that customer experience will be their primary basis for…

IGTM - golf destination challenges in 2018

How should golf destinations get prepared for 2018?

By: 2017. 09. 15.

This post could have been only about the coming IGTM event that will be held on 11-14 December, in Cannes, France, but I think we should focus more on the global travel forecasts and hospitality trends (e.g. smart…

3. Le Touquet Golf Resort_Patrice Boissonnas

Harry Colt’s La Mer shines again in his old splendour

By: 2017. 06. 29.

It always makes me happy to share the news of a renovated, famous golf course. Most recently, the Harry Colt designed La Mer Course at Le Touquet Golf Resort (Normandy, France) gained back almost completely its old splendor.…

Iberian online tee time sales -portugal

Insider: Iberian online tee time sales trends in 2017

By: Carlos Ferreira 2017. 06. 27.

I have just had an interesting conversation with Carlos Ferreira, the CEO of Tee Times Golf Holidays Agency. During our talk, I was interested in his insights about the Iberian tee time sales trends. I hope you will…

2017 Golf Business TechCon

What will help the 2017 Golf Business TechCon?

By: 2017. 05. 25.

The National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) will host the 2017 Golf Business TechCon in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 27 and 28. The organizers designed this two-day event for golf course owners, operators, and other industry professionals.…

Why should Las Colinas empower its guests?

By: 2016. 11. 15.

For the second year running, Las Colinas Golf & Country Club (managed by Troon) has been crowned as Spain’s Best Golf Course in the prestigious World Golf Awards that took place in Portugal over the weekend. The category of…

How should the European Tour Properties improve in 2017?

By: 2016. 11. 07.

I think the European Tour Properties will return next week to the International Golf Travel Market (IGTM) with great pride. They have added this year 6 new golf clubs to their portfolio of prestigious golf venues. Now boasting 22…

Hotel Quinta da Marinha Resort tries to break sameness

By: 2016. 09. 16.

The Hotel Quinta da Marinha Resort, in Cascais, Lisbon, is celebrating in these days its 30th position in Golf World's inaugural Top 100 Golf Resorts in Continental Europe ranking. This is a nice achievement for a niche operator like the Onyria Golf…

How could Golf Pride provide better brand experience?

By: Brandon Sowell 2016. 07. 27.

 What are Golf Pride's biggest business challenges in 2016? Overall our retail business has had a strong year, particularly in North America among the large retailers. Our biggest challenge is continuing to increase awareness about the performance benefits of new grips with 2/3…

What should Lumine improve in its The Lakes course?

By: 2016. 07. 21.

Lumine Mediterránea Beach & Golf Community announced yesterday it will be making a strategic investment in The Lakes course to enhance guest and playing experiences. The Lakes course is a Greg Norman designed, par-71, 6300-meter long golf course. Lumine…

How can PGA Catalunya Resort’s new hotel inspire you?

By: 2016. 05. 26.

Early this year, I have already written about that the PGA Catalunya Resort has enhanced its portfolio of rental properties by over 70% to include a larger mix of luxurious family houses, golf-fronted semi-detached villas. Most recently, PGA Catalunya Resort…

Do you have doubts about digital marketing potential?

By: Keith Haslam 2016. 02. 01.

There is still a lot of discussions about the actual tangible benefits of using social media and digital marketing. My view on such matters is that on its own, it is not a silver bullet, but used as…

How could The Falls Club really revive?

By: 2015. 12. 03.

The Falls Club has undergone recently a couple of changes, among them a name change (from The Falls Country Club to The Falls Club), new branding, along with renovations and upgrades to the golf course and clubhouse. Part…

What is missing from the tarnished Chateau d’Augerville?

By: 2015. 11. 12.

I am always amazed when I see a tarnished, medieval castle in a golf club. The 15th century Chateau d’Augerville is not an exception. Chateau d'Augerville is a member of the Châteaux & Hôtels Collection. The hotel has 40 rooms distributed in…

Who can get 15% discount at the Macdonald Hotels & Resorts?

By: 2015. 08. 10.

I've got good news for the 218,000 Scottish Golf Membership Card holders. Thanks to the new partnership with MacDonald Hotel & Resorts, card holders will get 15% discount at Macdonald Hotel & Resorts across the UK. This means a…

Gleneagles Hotel continues with Club Car

By: 2015. 05. 15.

Club Car can be relaxed for another two years as they signed a new contract with Gleneagles Hotel (Scotland) until 2017. Club Car not simply extended an existing, longstanding cooperation with Gleneagles Hotel, but also to received an…