What kind of in-store experience would you expect from American Golf?

By: March 19, 2021

The growth of online golf retailing is forcing pro-shops and brick-and-mortar golf retailers to reassess the true value and role of their stores.

I believe experience remains essential to the future of the store – but it needs to be more thoughtful. In our sport the experience is unavoidable.

It is obvious that the planned experience must add value to consumers, and deliver a commercial return. It cannot just be an experience for experience’s sake.

McKinsey’s Sporting goods 2021 study found that individual outdoor sports and home exercise are expected to grow in 2021.

Golf Datatech’s report indicates rounds soared by 13.9% and equipment sales increased by 10.1% over 2019 in 2020.

American Golf outlet in the UK

American Golf: UK’s 1st digital ‘Zen Green Stage’

American Golf is set to unveil the UK’s first digitally-controlled ‘Zen Green Stage’.

It simulates real-world putting green slopes, from its new £650k high-tech ‘superstore’ at Trafford Golf Centre, Trafford.

Opening to the public on April 12th in line with other non-essential retail, new state-of-the-art Custom Fit Bays with GCQuad technology will also be available.

I can strongly support the investment idea to offer a digital ‘Zen Green Stage‘. It will help us to make our purchase decision easier by enabling us to test various club types on real-world slopes indoors.

This is the part of golf retailing that will never work in an e-commerce environment.

American Golf driving range bay

Up to 15 new jobs are being created at the new store, where visitors can take advantage of a free Custom-Fit session in one of 3 dedicated high-tech Fitting Bays (see picture above).

The sessions are facilitated by an American Golf custom fit specialist using the latest GCQuad launch monitor technology, with its 4 ultra-high-speed cameras.

Enhanced  Putter Fittings are also available, as is a Club Check – like an MOT for your own equipment.

Without true 1-on-1 personalization, we will not be able to deliver relevance to our customers. 

Our customers are expecting us to remember what they like, what they want, their favorite brands, etc.

Trafford Golf Centre is set to reopen to the public on 29th March, in line with Government guidelines.

American Golf’s new store also opens for Click & Collect on this date, opening fully to the public on Monday, April 12th, 2021.

American Golf retail design