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My services:

  • Digital marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing, and branding services;
  • Online media audit – let me give my expert view on your online media plans
  • Interim marketing management assignments;
  • Speaking engagements, keynote presentations
  • Social business consulting (social media, branding, content, digital and more)
  • Social media planning, strategy development, and social media management
  • Influencer marketing services
  • Co-host or guest on your show or platform (paid engagements)
  • Blogging services, including ghost blogging
  • Product review writing
  • Brand Ambassador
  • Online communication
  • Advertising on my blog
  • Golf club marketing and golf club marketing communication

Blog traffic statistics & visitor insights

  • 8,000 unique visitors per month (on average);
  • Social network:  over 60,000 followers.
  • 4,400 newsletter subscribers (EDM).
  • The main traffic sources are the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands, and Sweden.


  • Sponsored post (at least 500 words written by me) = 300 EUR/post (price includes distribution in my social media network + newsletter).
  • Product review writing300 EUR/post (price includes distribution in my social media network + newsletter).
  • Banner: 300*250-pixel = 300 EUR/month. 300*600-pixel = 750 EUR/month; 250*250-pixel = 270 EUR/month.
  • The exclusive menu on Golf Business Monitor where ONLY your news will appear. The monthly cost will be 1600 EUR.
  • Sponsored newsletter: 300 EUR/newsletter.
  • Creating inspiring content: 0.4 EUR/word. Republishing my article: 200 EUR/article.
  • Keynote presentation: 1800 EUR (45 min., 15 min. Q&A) + travel & accommodation expenses.


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