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Why Callaway Golf is sponsoring Mario Golf World Tour?

By: 2014. 04. 19.

Somehow it seems to me that all of the major palyers of the consol game business are struggeling. Microsoft's Xbox continues its long history of losing money (cca. 2 billion USD per year). Even in this year Xbox…

Crown Golf’s first step toward mobile integration

By: 2014. 04. 13.

This week I participated in an interesting conversation in LinkedIn with the founder of Hole19 mobile application Anthony Douglas (who in the past was my guest writer and wrote about similar topic). I had to realize that although…

High membership retention rate at Brocket Hall

By: 2014. 04. 06.

I know that I tend to be critic. So I thought this time I will come up with a positive news from UK. Brocket Hall Golf Club will be able to start with a positive attitude regarding 2014 based…