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What do the PGA of America and the golf industry need to succeed?

By: November 24, 2022
106th PGAof America Annual Meeting Don Rea Jr.

After hearing that Don Rea Jr. became the new vice president of the PGA of America, I thought it is a great moment to ask him about his plans, the challenges of the PGA of America, and the…

Which greenkeeper deserves to win the BIGGA Annual Photographic Competition 2022?

By: November 23, 2022
Joe Simpson Ipswich Golf Club Overall Winner BIGGA Annual Photographic Competition 2022

Sometimes I am a little bit envious of the work of greenkeepers. They are able to see so many unique moments on the golf course that we golfers cannot. I see that much better application materials have been…

How did Hills Golf & Sports Club achieve massive revenue growth with Sweetspot?

By: November 22, 2022
Sweetspot banner

A few years ago, I already talked about the fact that golf clubs should also use revenue management – aka yield management - to generate extra revenues by utilizing tee times and customer purchase history effectively. What is…

What would you improve on The Manor House golf course?

By: November 21, 2022
The Manor House Golf Club 8th hole with bridge

We do not hear often criticisms or complaints about The Manor House golf course. I only heard of such remarks as the distance between some of the greens and tees or the size of the bunkers or the…

How Toptracer Range has improved St Andrews Links’ driving range performance?

By: November 17, 2022
Toptracer Range St Andrews Links driving range_#18_notrace

I told you in July that Toptracer is giving golfers across the globe a unique chance to take on The Old Course at St Andrews during Open week in the latest edition of its 9-Shot Challenge global tournament series. Now I can…

RepSpark has successfully renewed its partnership with the PGA Show

By: November 16, 2022
PGA Exclusive Community RepSpark November 2022

We all know how hard is to acquire and retain a client. When you are able to retain such a client as the PGA Show you say it is a massive success. This is why I am happy…

How can RepSpark Community help you to impress your pro shop customers & boost sales?

By: October 12, 2022
RepSpark community on mobile

Golf and golf participation have set so many all-time records over the last few years, it’s hard to keep track of them all. Rounds played, new golfers across all demographics, returning golfers, new women golfers, new junior golfers…

How can RepSpark help pro-shops to meet golfers’ demands

By: August 14, 2022

One of the few benefits of the latest pandemic is the huge interest and demand for golf equipment and apparel. To handle the increased demand, and exceed golfers’ expectations in the pro-shops, is not a simple task. Hence,…

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Why did Bernardus Golf become the host of the 2026 Solheim Cup?

By: November 16, 2022
Bernardus Golf SOLHEIM CUP 2026

The organizers of the Solheim Cup did not leave the selection of the host venue for the 2026 Solheim Cup to chance. The routine Bernardus Golf - hosted the Dutch Open on the DP World Tour in 2021,…

How did Al Zorah Golf Club achieve GEO Certification?

By: November 15, 2022
Al Zorah Golf Club GEO Certified

Sustainable golf course operations are not a marketing gimmick anymore. It is a strategic imperative. At the same time, a matter of survival, and a customer obsession enabler as well as an integral part of business risk. Some…

Should golf clubs take advantage of the popularity of cloud gaming?

By: November 14, 2022
Cloud gaming in golf clubs

Yesterday I watched Phil Cotton's (CEO, Nicklaus Companies, USA) presentation - on YouTube - at the APGS 2022 conference. It was a great presentation. It was so good that this lecture inspired me to write this keynote article.…

How does Zest.Golf help Golf Passport by Cascais users?

By: November 10, 2022
Penha Longa Golf Course_Golf Passport by Cascais

Not so long time ago I wrote about Zest.Golf how it enables golf clubs and golf resorts to manage B2B tee time bookings in real-time and across multiple destinations. It is my understanding of the Zest.Golf platform enables golf clubs/resorts…

How much does the AXIAFLOW dimple improve the Mizuno 2022 RB TOUR golf balls?

By: November 8, 2022
Mizuno 2022 RB TOUR golf ball_3 Pack Open

Mizuno has invested 3 years and picked the final & latest version of its new RB TOUR golf ball out of 99 prototypes. I was surprised to find only 272 dimples on the new Mizuno 2022 RB TOUR…

What should the Golf Genius golf shop product know to be really useful?

By: November 7, 2022
Golf Genius Golf Shop for PGA Professionals

Wunderman Thompson's The Future Shopper Report 2022 found 5 trends that are really relevant to golf shops: Over half of spending is now online. Customers became comfortable with technology and demanding digital products and services. Poor experiences online…

How will the #MizNextGen Series be renewed to attract more talent in 2023?

By: October 31, 2022
The #MizNextGen Series driving range

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen so many major golf events and golf tournaments either canceled or in best cases postponed. Just to give you an exact number from 2020: 11 golf tournaments were canceled on the…

How will Landeryds Golf Club impress golfers at the driving range?

By: October 27, 2022
Landeryd Golf Club at Night

I still see many underdeveloped/old-school driving ranges in operation. Even though there is a striking difference in customer experience between a non-tech driving range and one with driving technology solutions (e.g. Toptracer Range, Inrange Golf, Trackman Range, etc.).…

What is the function of the elastomer in the new PING i230 irons?

By: October 26, 2022
PING i230 irons All Exploded

Until now, I only knew about elastomers, they are used for rubber tires and tubes for vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, recreational vehicles, etc. I wondered what it can be used for in irons like the new PING i230 irons.…

What should the renovated clubhouse of The Club at Olde Cypress look like?

By: October 25, 2022
The Club at Olde Cypress pro shop_resized

The Club at Olde Cypress a private golf club in Southwest Florida has just reopened its 34,000-square-foot clubhouse following the final phase of a major renovation of its interior and on the heels of a full-scale agronomic remastering…