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How bold was The Inspiration Club’s £700K+ investment?

By: April 19, 2024
The Inspiration Club Hole 11

The Menai-Davis family, who own the Bridgetown Golf Group, will open their third golf course, The Inspiration Club, on June 1st. The new course is located just south of the A40 Western Avenue. The weekend green fee is…

What’s in the $3M Princeville Makai Golf course refinement project?

By: April 18, 2024
Princeville Makai Golf 7th hole

Did you know that the Princeville Makai Golf Course was Robert Trent Jones Jr.'s first solo design in the early 1970s? It opened in 1971 and was redesigned in 2009. The same ownership group owns the neighboring St. Regis…

What motivates Porsche to be really involved in golf?

By: April 17, 2024
Porsche Hole in One competition

Over the past six years, I have been reporting to you more frequently about Porsche's golf sponsorship activities. Porsche appears to have realized that golf is a popular sport and leisure activity among its customers. Perhaps they have…

How is Paramount helping disabled people try golf?

By: April 16, 2024
Paramount Richard Jones Paul Doherty Kieran Klein Cae Menai Davies

I noticed a very lovely initiative today. It is common to see that people with disabilities are only able to participate in sports as spectators. It would be beneficial if wealthier golf clubs and companies involved in the…

Laolao Bay Golf Resort plays safe by selecting Troon

By: April 16, 2024
Laolao Bay Golf Resort golf course

It is almost possible to say the same thing about Troon as about Coca-Cola: wherever you go in the world, you are likely to find a golf club managed by them. Most recently, Laolao Bay Golf Resort (1.6…

The new Shot Scope V5 can automatically track performance.

By: April 15, 2024
Shot Scope V5 GPS golf watch

Shot Scope has launched the Shot Scope V5 GPS and Shot Tracking watch - expanding on the popular V series with a new sophisticated and functionally savvy device, offering automatic performance tracking (by “Power-Sense” technology). Continuing from the…

How can Troon uplift the Links at Perry Cabin to new heights?

By: April 11, 2024
Links at Perry Cabin golf course by Pete Dye

For the past five years, KemperSports has operated the Links at Perry Cabin in St. Michaels, Maryland. In 2019, legendary golf course architects Pete and Alice Dye completed the final design work, opening the Links at Perry Cabin's Pete…

Will the Dubai Golf-operated clubs succeed in employee advocacy?

By: April 10, 2024
Dubai Golf operated golf clubs

Let's start with the great news and start this day positively! All three Dubai Golf-operated golf clubs in Dubai, Emirates Golf Club, Jumeirah Golf Estates, and Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club, have been recognized with Gold Flag…

How will the new owners revitalize the Old Dane golf course?

By: April 9, 2024
The Old Dane Golf Links Nebraska

The Andersen family in Nebraska, known for their Landmand Golf Club (King-Collins design), are taking on a new challenge with a new golf course development. The family acquired the Old Dane golf course in 2007 and rebuilt it in…

Forthview Golf Range has soared 600% growth by Toptracer

By: April 8, 2024
Toptracer Range billboard screen

Forthview Golf Range, in Airth, Falkirk, has experienced a colossal 600% growth since implementing Toptracer technology five years ago. Toptracer, the #1 range technology in golf, was installed at Forthview Golf Range in 2019. The technology was an…

What will make the 5th VP Bank Swiss Ladies Open inspiring?

By: April 5, 2024
2023 VP Bank Swiss Ladies Open winner

It is important to give equal attention to men's and women's golf tournaments. We should support and promote women's golf tournaments so that they become as successful and popular as men's golf tournaments. That's why I wanted to…

Can Project 24 By the Golf Trust raise £24,000 in 24 hours of golf?

By: April 4, 2024
Golf Trust Project 24 Lofoten Links

Golf offers (too) a wonderful opportunity for people with disabilities to enhance both physical and mental well-being, providing many immediate and lasting health benefits (e.g. higher energy level, enhanced cardiovascular endurance, improved balance and motor skills, etc). That's…

What do the new Wilson Infinite putters better than ever?

By: April 3, 2024
Wilson Infinite putters Bucktown 2024

I have a confession to make. Three years ago, some friends suggested using the Wilson Infinite Bucktown putter (see below) because they thought it would be a great fit for my game. Well, I have to say that…

What money-can’t-buy experiences will the R&A One Club offer?

By: April 2, 2024
One Club by R&A memorable experience

In 2019, I highlighted the significance of memorable moments in customer experience management. We must create moments that matter! In my interpretation, defining moments are both memorable and meaningful. Such moments typically do not endure for a long…

All-In-One Application Vs. Integrated Golf Management Technology

By: March 12, 2024
Club Caddie - OpEd Quote

In the ever-evolving landscape of golf course management, the introduction of the Internet marked a pivotal shift in how clubs handle their operations. From the old server-based technologies of the '90s to the modern cloud-based solutions of today,…

LIV Golf secured its 1st multi-brand partnership with Stuburt!

By: March 11, 2024
Stuburt Louis Oosthuizen Stinger GC Captain

Through a partnership with LIV Golf, Stuburt - a British apparel brand since 1860 - has become the exclusive on-course apparel partner for all three teams (out of 13): Torque GC, Fireballs GC, and Stinger GC. The partnership…

Golf Courses and Country Clubs are Diversifying their Revenue Streams: How is Golf Management Software Keeping Up?

By: February 7, 2024
Club Caddie - OPED - revenue

The golf industry has been known to be stubborn. Even when the need for change feels crystal clear, courses and their operators stand firm in old ways and honor tradition. However, GMs are being notified now that course…

How does IOTee revolutionize golf cart usage convenience?

By: January 29, 2024
Cart Care Company Carts 4 Rent IOTee

I believe that the customer experiences that are most productive and memorable are the experiences that are convenient for the customer (including golfers). Convenience is about creating a situation that saves the customer effort and time. A PwC study found:…

Discover how data-driven marketing can help your golf club grow and succeed!

By: November 10, 2023
Club Caddie Artificial Intelligence golf facility operations

A few days ago, I talked with Knight Schwandt (VP of Sales, Club Caddie) about how he sees golf clubs' success in personalizing their services and making their marketing activities data-driven. You can read the details here. Do…

How did IOTee revolutionize the golf cart operation during the 2023 Ryder Cup?

By: October 13, 2023
IOTee golf cart fleet management on laptop

Making any great event happen requires a huge effort from countless companies and contractors working behind the scenes for weeks or months, and The Ryder Cup is no exception. But to, transport materials and personnel around the site…

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Will Porsche continue supporting the DP World Tour’s European Open?

By: March 28, 2024
2023 Porsche European Open fans

There were rumblings during the previous year that Porsche may withdraw its European Open golf tournament sponsorship. However, the DP World Tour successfully negotiated an agreement with Porsche, allowing the tournament to continue as the Porsche European Open.…

What are the ambitions of Escalante Golf with the new 550-acre Wilderness Club?

By: March 27, 2024
Wilderness Club relaxation

In January 2022, I could report that Troon had won the Wilderness Club management duties. Escalante Golf, one of the nation’s premier owners and operators of golf courses and private clubs, added the 550-acre Wilderness Club in Montana…

How does Make Golf Your Thing promote inclusivity in golf?

By: March 26, 2024
Make Golf Your Thing inclusivity career golf sport

In 2024, sports will continue leading towards a more diverse and inclusive world. We will see many more initiatives and efforts to create a more inclusive sports culture. Golf clubs can take a positive step by promoting diversity…

How did St Andrews Links Trust win the Best Sustainability Project title?

By: March 25, 2024
Sand scrapes at St Andrews Links Trust

St Andrews Links Trust won the prestigious Best Sustainability Project at the Scottish Golf Tourism Awards in association with Luxe Scot in recognition of its outstanding work in driving sustainability and climate action.  Sustainable golf featured prominently at…

What improvements should golf club managers focus on in 2024?

By: March 22, 2024
2024 CMAA Chairman Joe Mendez CCM CCE golf club manager

Given that Joe Mendez, CCM, CCE, has been elected as the 2024 CMAA Chairman, I believe gaining insight into his perspective on the challenges that golf club managers and leaders could potentially encounter in 2024. This inquiry could…

The 151st Open at Royal Liverpool generated more than £187 million

By: March 22, 2024
The 151st Open - Day One at Royal Liverpool Golf Club

The 151st Open at Royal Liverpool generated more than £187 million in overall economic benefit for the Wirral and the wider Liverpool City Region, according to an independent study commissioned by The R&A. The historic Championship had a total economic…

JCB Has Secured An Important Multi-year Partnership Agreement With LIV Golf UK

By: March 21, 2024
JCB Golf of Country Club 17th Hole Par 3

As you know, LIV Golf London debuted at Centurion Club in 2022. The English golf club also hosted the LIV Golf Invitational Series in 2023. Thus, we witnessed some of the world's most talented golfers, including Dustin Johnson,…

Unleash your full potential with the new Wilson Staff Model ZM Wedge!

By: March 20, 2024
Wilson Staff Model ZM Wedge_Stamey-28 lifestyle photo

To all Wilson Staff fans and those who are struggling with their game, this message is for you. Wilson Golf will launch its new Wilson Staff ZM Wedges on April 2. The new wedges have been available for…

Do golf entertainment venues cannibalize traditional golf course customers?

By: March 19, 2024
Syngenta Golf and Social Media study about golf entertainment venues

Elisa Guadet shared an exciting statistic from our interview yesterday. While 75% of on-course golfers are male, the gender split of players off the course is almost 50-50, with 47% female and 53% male. Syngenta's recently published study…

What exciting opportunities lie ahead for women’s golf in 2024?

By: March 18, 2024
Women's Golf Day golf memories

Meeting Elisa Gaudet, the founder of Women's Golf Day, at the PGA Show in 2015 was a defining moment for me. Her initiative and drive inspired me, and I joined the Women's Golf Day team as a country…