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PING is launching 11 putter models in 2021. Find your best!

By: April 15, 2021
2021 PING putter models Anser Cross Section

I haven’t written about PING putter models in a while. Therefore, I decided to change this and share with you the latest PING putter models (11!). I will not detail all of them just my 6 favorite putter…

Burhill Group in the TOP 10 at the BDO Profit Track 100 awards

By: April 13, 2021
Sunday Times BDO 100 Profit Track BGL w number

In the last five years, I saw at least 5 great initiatives at Burhill Group that can explain their latest success at the 22nd annual Sunday Times BDO Profit Track 100 awards. I appreciate especially these initiatives: Investing in…

Can Husqvarna convince the greenkeepers with its robotic lawnmowers?

By: April 12, 2021
Husqvarna robotic lawnmower CEORA teaser

Maybe I need to re-evaluate the autonomous/robotic lawnmowers? It so happened that I found an interesting study by the Scandinavian Turfgrass and Environment Research Foundation (STERF) on this topic. The study found: Results from 2020 showed few significant…

Who can win in the Golf GameBook Open digital golf tournament?

By: April 8, 2021
Golf GameBook Open 2021 Finland Sweden

Now that we start to see the end of the lockdown, it is a nice challenge how to reactivate golfers and offer them a unique golf experience. When you think of increasing and improving your mobile app's (e.g.…

How to digitize your golf club tee time booking in 10 minutes?

By: April 6, 2021
golf club tee time booking in 10 minutes

The current pandemic forced many golf clubs that they should start taking their golf operations’ (including tee time booking) digitalization seriously. If you have read John P. Kotter’s book Leading Change, you might say the COVID-19 pandemic could/is…

Golf de Pals gave an opportunity to autonomous mowers

By: April 5, 2021
Golf de Pals autonomous mower

How many of you have thought to implement autonomous/robotic mowers in your golf clubs? What motivates you to consider them? I am asking this because it is one of the commercial landscaping trends in 2021. My clients explain…

What do the Shot Scope data show for the March 29 opening?

By: April 2, 2021
Shot Scope average score for the day

We all can agree that the rush to golf courses in the UK on March 29 was not a big surprise. As we could see last summer, most golf clubs (not just) in the UK were expecting a…

How Golf National solves its business challenges after the Ryder Cup?

By: March 22, 2021
Le Golf National 1st hole 2018 Ryder Cup

Paul Armitage left the club not so long time ago as the general manager of the Golf National. His successor is Philippe Pilato. He has been at Golf National for 25 years, almost since the day it opened.…

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4 limited edition Cobra Golf RADSPEED drivers for special golf events

By: April 7, 2021
Cobra Golf RADSPEED driver in 4 colors Majors Collection Season Opener

There is almost no golf equipment manufacturer who would not utilize the moments of major golf championship to promote their products. Cobra Golf is not an exception. Cobra Golf is introducing a Limited-Edition Majors Collection of RADSPEED &…

Has Les Bordes Golf Club done everything for sustainability?

By: March 29, 2021
New Course at Les Bordes Golf Club at the edge of a bunker

The new Gil Hanse-designed New Course at Les Bordes Golf Club (France) is likely to open on July 1. Before I introduce you to the new golf course, let’s talk about what are the business risks in NOT…

Prince’s Golf Club’s Himalayas and Shore nines are almost ready

By: March 25, 2021
Prince's Golf Club-drone-220321-01

The renowned golf course architects, Mackenzie & Ebert scooped the further improvements to key holes on Prince's Golf Club's Himalayas and Shore nines, the works started in November 2020. It will be completed when the club reopens on March 29th,…

Sir Nick Faldo’s latest golf course design: Thanh Lanh Golf Club

By: March 24, 2021
Sir Nick Faldo Thanh Lanh Golf Club Hanoi resized

It’s a little bit early to talk about Sir Nick Faldo’s latest new golf course design in Thanh Lanh Golf Club near Hanoi, Vietnam. The new golf course will be ready for use in the summer. The unique…

Are the new Cobra Golf T-rail irons category innovators?

By: March 23, 2021
Cobra Golf T-rail irons Social-4x5-TRail-OnCourse-AV8I1938

The news about the new version of Cobra Golf T-rail irons came late for me. In the coming weeks, I am expecting to receive my new Wilson Staff D9 clubs. "The next generation of Cobra T-Rail (Transition Rail)…

What kind of in-store experience would you expect from American Golf?

By: March 19, 2021
American Golf outlet in the UK

The growth of online golf retailing is forcing pro-shops and brick-and-mortar golf retailers to reassess the true value and role of their stores. I believe experience remains essential to the future of the store – but it needs…

Are you among the 59club’s 11th Annual Award nominees?

By: March 18, 2021
Who are 59club's 11th Annual Award nominees

Last year, was not an easy year for club managers to deliver the same level of customer experience as in a normal situation. People usually remember peak moments and pits during their stay in a golf resort or…

Gain control over your putting with the Buckingham Infinite Putter!

By: March 17, 2021
Buckingham Infinite Putter hero

The new Buckingham Infinite Putter is the 9th version of the Wilson Infinite Putter line. “Buckingham” refers to Chicago’s famous Buckingham Fountain. I immediately noticed that the Buckingham Infinite Putter has got a double-milled face. It provides us,…

What makes the A House in Estoril homey for golfers?

By: March 16, 2021
A House in Estoril the room

Now I see on my calendar that it has been 2 years since I gave a keynote presentation (customer experience as a differentiating factor) in Estoril at the 4th National Conference on Residential Tourism & Golf. Before I…

How did Loch Lomond Golf Club solve its bunker problems?

By: March 12, 2021
Loch Lomond Golf Club bunker under construction

Jim Moore wrote an interesting article (Bunkers: Can your golf course afford them?) about the challenges of maintaining bunkers in golf courses. He listed how golf clubs are trying to avoid overspending the budget (e.g. buying cheaper fertilizer,…