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How will Sweetspot and 59club Nordic strengthen each other?

By: November 29, 2023
Sweetspot 59Club partnership

Sweetspot, a Stockholm-based revenue management company, has successfully reached a noteworthy milestone. The achievement is a testament to the company's dedication and expertise in revenue management. 59club Nordic has just partnered with Sweetspot. This collaboration will provide Golf…

What are the opportunities in indoor golf media communication?

By: November 28, 2023
indoor golf media AIG Womens Open

The proliferation of advertisements on digital displays - indoor golf media - within golf clubs has become increasingly evident. This trend is noteworthy due to its potential to impact communication efficiency significantly. To gain a comprehensive understanding of…

How should Minthis use its social proofs to fuel sales?

By: November 28, 2023
Minthis Golf Resort Amphitheatre

For a considerable time, I have been underscoring the significance of social proof as a central tool for attaining trust, soliciting interest, and ultimately boosting sales. In light of this, I will refrain from repeating myself. If you…

How much growth potential is in Morocco as a golf destination?

By: November 27, 2023
Morocco 064A8708

I've attended a few IGTM events and heard much about Morocco as a golf destination. It's piqued my interest! I even had the chance to report on Assoufid Golf Club and Atalayoun Golf Resort. Last week, I met…

How does Gleneagles perfect its irrigation system for a superb golf experience?

By: November 23, 2023
Gleneagles golf course 2nd hole

Gleneagles has just announced a significant five-month project. As part of this project, they will change to a new, highly efficient Rain Bird irrigation management system to help reduce water and power consumption. The new system is the…

How should GolfStar commence its expansion in Spain?

By: November 23, 2023
GolfStar - Carles Piqué and Stefan Brikell

GolfStar, Northern Europe's largest "Multi-Course Owner Operator," runs 13 Swedish golf clubs and 19 golf courses with over 50,000 customers. GolfStar decided to expand its operation abroad. The first country is Spain. They have already established their Spanish…

Discover how data-driven marketing can help your golf club grow and succeed!

By: November 10, 2023
Club Caddie Artificial Intelligence golf facility operations

A few days ago, I talked with Knight Schwandt (VP of Sales, Club Caddie) about how he sees golf clubs' success in personalizing their services and making their marketing activities data-driven. You can read the details here. Do…

How did IOTee revolutionize the golf cart operation during the 2023 Ryder Cup?

By: October 13, 2023
IOTee golf cart fleet management on laptop

Making any great event happen requires a huge effort from countless companies and contractors working behind the scenes for weeks or months, and The Ryder Cup is no exception. But to, transport materials and personnel around the site…

How does IOTee help increase golf cart rentals & extended operating hours?

By: September 5, 2023
IOTee Banner

Technology has revolutionized urban mobility, with app-enabled scooters and bikes now a staple in major cities. Similarly, Digital transformation is indispensable in the golf industry. Yet, while some operations have been transformed, others remain untouched. Considering the advancements…

What convinced the Golden State Golf Company owner to switch to Club Caddie?

By: August 15, 2023
Morro Bay Golf Course near the sea Club Caddie

I am deeply intrigued by the factors that drive golf clubs to choose a particular golf club management software for their golf clubs. Recently, I learned that Golden State Golf Company opted for Club Caddie as their new…

In what ways can Club Caddie assist you in achieving a successful implementation?

By: June 14, 2023
Club Caddie University

I learned from my experience - working at Indextools/Yahoo Analytics - that if we want to impress and convince our customers, we must help them during the onboarding period and educate them throughout the cooperation period. Hence, I…

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Which Nippon shaft was used by the CME Group Tour Championship winner?

By: November 21, 2023
Nippon shaft ns pro950gh neo

The winner of the CME Group Tour Championship used Nippon Shaft’s N.S. PRO 950GH neo shafts in her irons and wedges to shoot a record 27-under par in the LPGA’s final event of the year at Tiburon Golf Club in Naples,…

How can Arcis Golf assist you with career progression in the golf industry?

By: November 20, 2023
Arcis Golf career pathing

It is evident that the contemporary workforce is experiencing a significant shift towards diversity, while at the same time, job roles and working methods are undergoing rapid transformation. As such, it is imperative for golf clubs to recognize…

What lessons can we derive from Jumeirah Golf Estates’ investments in sustainability?

By: November 17, 2023
Jumeirah Golf Estates DP World Tour Championship - Day One

It is gratifying to observe that the golf industry has seen an increase in sustainability success stories as of late. Such instances of environmental stewardship are a testament to the industry's growing consciousness of its impact on the…

How did Andrew Green transform the Vaquero Club’s golf course to make it exciting?

By: November 16, 2023
The Vaquero Club

The Vaquero Club is an exclusive private club located in the affluent Westlake community on former ranch land west of the DFW airport. Established in 2001, Vaquero Club occupies 525 acres of what was once the Hunt brothers’…

What earned Dottie Pepper the GCSAA Old Tom Morris Award?

By: November 15, 2023
Old Tom Morris Award GCSAA Dottie Pepper

Dottie Pepper, former LPGA Tour professional and current television golf broadcaster, has been named the recipient of the 42nd Old Tom Morris Award, presented by the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA). Pepper will be honored on…

What results has the Golf Genius and BRS Golf cooperation brought so far?

By: November 14, 2023
Golf Genius x BRS 2023

Golf Genius, the leading provider of cloud-based golf software solutions, has announced year-on-year growth of its integrated competition management and tee time solution in partnership with BRS Golf. In 2020, the two companies formed a strategic collaboration to…

What is the birth story of Pangaea Golf Architecture?

By: November 13, 2023
Pangaea Golf Architecture founders

The Pangaea Golf Architecture is a strategic partnership between Jeffrey Danner and Stuart Rennie, who met while studying on the European Institute of Golf Course Architects' (EIGCA) diploma course in 2007, and have been close friends ever since.…

How would you rank Cabot Collection golf courses if you were Golf Magazine?

By: November 10, 2023
The Cabot Collection golf courses in Golf Magazine TOP100

How much marketing and sales benefits can come from a golf club's favorable ranking in a golf magazine's TOP100 list? It can be said with great certainty that it can give the golfer one more confirmation during the…

How does Troon help Bally’s Golf Links at Ferry Point?

By: November 9, 2023
Bally's Golf Links at Ferry Point image

Troon and Bally's Golf Links at Ferry Point - a 222-acre parcel in the Throgs Neck section of the Bronx - have just signed a new consulting agreement and sales and marketing partnership. Bally's selected Troon to support…

Do we lose the health benefits of golf if we use golf trolleys?

By: November 8, 2023
Golf trolley health benefits

I always find myself in a bit of a pickle trying to decide whether I should rent a golf trolley, a golf cart, or carry my equipment on my back. The golf physiotherapist Andrew Caldwell found in 2015…