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How should the golf industry respond to coronavirus?

By: 2020. 03. 04.

Michael Jacoby (CEO, Owner of Rheingolf Messe, Düsseldorf) has just told me that due to the fear of the coronavirus 65% fewer people participated in their event. Furthermore, 5 of his exhibitors canceled their participation. This is what…

portugal wine regions map

Where to play golf in Portugal’s famous wine regions?

By: 2019. 05. 01.

Recently, I had to realize that with my friends and family members, we talk quite a lot about the great Portuguese wines. These discussions usually start with mentioning the wine region of Porto or Madeira. Soon I understood…


What can save pollinators in a golf club?

By: 2018. 10. 30.

In some parts of the world winter is getting closer and the end of the golf season as well. In case you missed this year to consider helping pollinators to survive, then here are some new insights on…

Waste Management Phoenix Open

Will the 2017 Waste Management Phoenix Open pass the sustainability test?

By: 2017. 02. 01.

Tomorrow will kick off The 2017 Waste Management Phoenix Open at TPC Scottsdale. The Organizers are expecting to have over half a million spectators. We could think for a while that this is going to be another Waste Management…

Disabled golfers at the spotlight in the Portugal Masters

By: 2016. 10. 19.

Would you believe that disabled golfers represent 10% of once a week participants (source: Sport England Active People Survey, 2014) in the UK? According to the England Golf, cca. 5.63% (38 000 people) of UK golfers are disabled…

Let’s help to raise the awareness of breast cancer!

By: 2015. 10. 11.

Again a "Sunday off topic", but this time it is important. It cannot be stressed enough the importance of prevention...and this is not a pharmaceutical industry mantra....This is why I am happy to highlight Troon and Callaway Golf's…

Royal & Awesome helped to raise more than £10,000 for Sparks

By: 2015. 06. 25.

Fulwell Golf Club, Twickenham held the second Sparks Longest Golf Day Challenge with the help of the Scottish clothing company Royal & Awesome. Almost 50 golfers endured four rounds of gruelling, dusk-to-dawn golf at the 111-year-old club, while wearing Royal &…

Review: TaylorMade’s wearable golf tracker: Microsoft Golf Tile

By: 2015. 06. 22.

In last November I wrote a review about Arccos Golf (innovation partner of Callaway Golf; the original concept/idea is from Callaway Golf) and Game Golf, where I shared my doubts about their future potentials, namely they are monofunctional and pricey…

On Course Foundation is partnering with the National Golf Month

By: 2015. 04. 24.

The weekend is almost here. I am happy to report about the nice initiative of the On Course Foundation. On Course Foundation launched in 2010 and has already helped hundreds of wounded, injured and sick Service personnel and veterans…

Do golfers have unique skin?

By: 2013. 01. 11.

Time-to-time I come across with cosmetics that their manufacturers claim it is so bio or something like that. Yes, it is very trendy to claim that our product is bio or healthy. My assumption people's skin can be…

Are we safe on golf courses?

By: 2012. 12. 17.

Two years ago I had already written about golf insurance. Since then we have not changed a lot. Vandalism, thefts are still on the top of the list of most typical claims. Many golf course owner believe that…

Wrestlers on golf courses

By: 2010. 02. 20.

We would think golf is a peaceful sport and game, but there are companies that think differently. Namely, Armourbite came out with a teeth-protector. To justify themselves, they say (and it is true in general) that when we…

Reducing golf course operating costs by 300%

By: 2009. 09. 30.

When golf courses are closing all around the world (only in US: 71 golf courses were shot down in the first half of this year) we are always happy to find solutions how we can reduce operating costs.…

How can we reduce Golf course allergy symptoms and play better?

By: 2009. 08. 14.

One of the reasons I like to play golf is the breathtaking environment. Although it is really nice that we are playing in the most attractive places of our countries, but if you have allergy, then it is…