Who won the Troon Challenge in 2015?

By: August 26, 2015

The 2015 Troon Challenge has just ended at Troon North Golf Club (August 22-23, 2015) after 12 weeks of hard-fought competition contested on 35 courses, spanning 16 states. The game attracted more than 1,200 amateur golfers. This was a shamble type(combines elements of scramble and stroke play) of competition.

Troon Challenge 2015 Winners Pictured left to right - Gross, Steve Blackford, Joseph Fox and Net, Sean Rund, Barbara Rund


The winners are:

Gross division: Steve Blackford & Joseph Fox, Poston Butte Golf Club: 63-64 = 127

Net division: Erin O’Hara & Marty McDonald, Centennial Golf Club: 65-65 = 130