How to use Sweetspot to enhance golf simulator customer loyalty?

By: June 26, 2023

Volatility in consumer behavior is at an all-time high. The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed many needs and preferences. It is worth understanding that our indoor golf customers are laser-focused on value too.

The demand for service, experience, and communication personalization transformed into a basic customer expectation. High-value segment customers want more personalization. This is one of the major loyalty trends in 2023 that we simply cannot afford to neglect it.

By personalizing offers, experience, communication, etc., you are creating value for your customers. It will save them money and make things more convenient.

Thanks to technological advancement, we can easily deliver personalized experiences to our indoor golf customers, not just promotions and brand-building campaigns.

Sweetspot golf simulator loyalty marketing explained

Today we also know that customer decisions are not particularly rational. Yes, our emotions, consciously or subconsciously, greatly influence what and where we spend our money.

Customers want to feel emotionally connected to the brands they support. Indoor golf facilities that can create an emotional connection through storytelling, social responsibility, or other means will see higher levels of loyalty.

Top marketers are using data-driven approaches today to create buzz, experiment with new approaches, and drive loyalty.

Data-driven insights can help businesses understand their customers better, predict their behavior, and offer personalized promotions. Use the power of the data your customers share with you wisely and create valuable experiences in return.

By analyzing our customers’ data, we can also learn what prices they consider appropriate and affordable. In the wake of soaring inflation, finding the appropriate price is a game changer.

Another customer loyalty trend for 2023 involves flexibility. As in, your customers want to have the ability to be flexible in the items they redeem their rewards for.

Flexibility in how customers earn rewards and flexibility in how customers spend the rewards.

loyalty program 2023 Sweetspot

I will guide you on how to leverage Sweetspot to enable your customers to use their rewards more flexibly.

And here comes the legitimate question, how can I get to know my indoor golf facility’s customers’ expectations and my retention efforts’ efficiency?

I have got good news for you. Although we come across almost solely golf club management software, we can also find software for indoor golf facilities.

The Swedish Sweetspota market-leading, data-driven revenue management platform – is offering solutions dedicated to indoor golf facilities.

One of their clients is Indoor Golf Group (20 facilities; #1 indoor golf company in Sweden).

Sweetspot – indoor golf/simulators loyalty marketing enabler

Unlike in regular golf club management software, in Sweetspot, you will find a menu for simulators (see picture below). By entering this menu.

Sweetspot golf simulator menu statistics insights

You will get a full overview of the performance (e.g., revenue, occupancy on every day of the week and month, etc.) of your indoor golf facility that can be broken down to the individual level (e.g., “booked hours per player”, demographic information, etc.).

The Sweetspot platform can help you to reward customer loyalty.

Through their system, you can define and manage vouchers, gift cards, or memberships you would like to offer your loyal customers or motivate people to use your indoor golf facility frequently.

As you can see below, you will be able to set:

  • The time period of the voucher/gift card/etc. (from, to)
  • The location.
  • When they can use the voucher/gift card.

Using Sweetspot POS, you can reward customers with deals and discounts on-site, including products such as food & beverage, golf clubs, etc.

Sweetspot POS allows the import of emails from Sweetspot that are then assigned to a certain voucher with a discount in the POS.

Discover more about Sweetspot‘s cutting-edge solution for indoor golf venues. Schedule a demo today!

Sweetspot golf simulator voucher monthly report

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