Can Aivot Golf & Sports Management reform the Indian golf industry with Lobb + Partners?

By: July 31, 2023

Did you know that India boasts a whopping 298 registered golf courses, with almost half of them located on military bases? India’s rank as Asia’s 5th-largest golf country is undoubtedly impressive, as it only slightly trails behind Thailand.

India is also the world’s 5th-largest economy, behind Germany, Japan, China, and the U.S. Goldman Sachs predicts India will be the world’s 2nd largest economy by 2075. According to a recent IMF study, growth in India is projected at 6.1% in 2023.

In the midst of all this, the news came that Lobb + Partners (L+P) has been hired as a strategic partner for the design of multiple golf destinations across India with the PGA of America by Aivot Golf & Sports Management Private Limited, a newly-founded organization created by a group of Indian/American investors.

Aivot Golf & Sports Management signs with Lobb + Partners

Aivot, along with its partners, has ambitions to fix the current situation in the Indian golf industry and transform the development of golf in India.

The newly opened PGA of America headquarters in Frisco, Texas, USA, Lobb+Partners founder & principal Tim Lobb said:

“As a team we aspire to create world-class golf courses,academies, and outstanding hotel and residential amenities alongside them.”

The golf facilities will be PGA-branded and are planned to include a mix of courses, academies, and training centers where Indians, whether previously exposed to golf or not, can develop their skills and enjoy the game.

A substantial number of developments are planned across the subcontinent, in cities and regions including

  • Mumbai,
  • Pune,
  • Goa,
  • Delhi and the surrounding National Capital Region (NCR),
  • Ahmedabad,
  • Hyderabad,
  • Chennai,
  • Bengaluru (Bangalore),
  • Chandigarh and
  • Lucknow. 

The Mumbai, Goa, and Hyderabad projects are slated to be first up. Tim Lobb added:

“The Goa project will be a golf resort – ideal for an area that is a major tourist destination – but some of the others, nearer to major cities, will be integrated golf communities.