How to destroy reputation on Twitter?

By: January 13, 2010

One of the great merits of Twitter is that your followers can communicate directly with you. In other words communication turns to be very intimate and personal, only in one case if you allow people to send you message. This is a good way to influence the influencers. Such communication can lift your reputation. Otherwise your Twitter account will be just another "broadcasting station". And this is what today people will neglect and hate. Here are some examples of misuse of Twitter:

  • Andrew Snook,Piranha Golf USA, CEO: Here I also miss re-tweeting and active participation in community life. Plus background design is missing… :( 
  • Egan Golf:
  • Bridgestone Golf:
  • Golfsmith HQ:
  • Yonex Golf:
  • TaylorMade Golf (official Twitter account): – they have 3270 followers who have no opportunity to ask questions from TaylorMade Golf. It is a missed opportunity from one, and from the other side frustration…
  • Nike Golf:
  • Troon Golf:

If you do not let people to ask you personal questions how do you expect from them to prefer your product and brand? It is a little bit arrogant isn't?