How could interactive content elevate Bernhard and Company’s latest brochure?

By: June 13, 2024

Bernhard and Company has just unveiled its new brand and sharpening systems brochure. Let’s analyze it from a business-to-business (B2B) content marketing perspective.

I usually recommend interactive content to my clients because:

  • Their audience can actively engage with them. This type of content typically requires user input and can respond to user actions. 
  • Readers have to engage with it for it to move forward (think polls, quizzes, games, and so forth).
  • Interactive content is significant as it effectively engages and involves the audience, thereby bestowing them a more immersive and personalized experience. By facilitating active user participation, interactive elements augment the learning process and render it more indelible.
  • Interactive content also has the potential to furnish valuable data and insights into user behavior and preferences, empowering businesses to tailor their marketing endeavors and refine their overall strategy.
  • Interactive content serves many objectives, including bolstering brand awareness, educating prospects in the middle stages of the purchasing process, and fostering heightened engagement.

I would like to point out that the latest research by the Content Marketing Institute shows that brochures are the 7th most popular form of content in B2B content marketing.

Bernhard and Company B2B content marketing types usage in 2023

When I create sponsored content for my clients, I find that success stories and case studies have the most impact. They have generated several hot leads.

Bernhard and Company‘s new brochure – review

The new brochure includes details of Bernhard and Company’s latest grinding machinery, including the recently launched Express Dual 4300 reel grinder.

It also features the full range of Anglemaster knife grinding machines, as well as small machines and accessories.

QR codes have been hailed all over the globe as “the comeback kid.”  Product videos and case studies are conveniently accessed via QR codes embedded within this brochure, thereby obviating the need to augment the file size of the brochure.

Bernhard and Company sharpening systems brochure for 2024

QR Tiger’s most recent report on QR code trends in 2024 has divulged that the marketing and advertising industry registers the highest volume of QR code scans.

Although it is not a big novelty that the contact information, including links to Bernhard and Company‘s social media pages, is at the end of the brochure, it is good that they did not forget this possibility either.

I would also provide direct and easy access to this document through a direct link share, offering a more appealing and interactive way to view a publication, without the need for email attachments or downloads.

Another idea is to enable readers to share selected text within the brochure.