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Rodrigo Ulrich Palheiro Golf Club Portuguese golf courses

Time to discover less known Portuguese golf courses!

By: 2019. 06. 08.

Early this year, I received a very kind invitation from Carlos Ferreira (owner of Tee Time Golf Agency, Portugal). He invited me to participate in the 1st Tee Times Lisbon Tournament 2019 (29th May – 2nd June). The…

New amateur golf event in Orizonte Lisbon Golf

By: 2014. 09. 23.

Orizonte Lisbon Golf has just launched a new international amateur golf event, the ORIZONTE Lisbon Golf Trophy. The ORIZONTE Lisbon Golf Trophy will take place in the Costa Azul region, south of Lisbon, from February 10-15, 2015. There will…

Do you remember Aroeira?

By: 2014. 05. 05.

I am happy to report that one of Portugal’s most iconic golfing venues is being restored to its former glory. Those who are elder than me, can remember how great was Aroeira in the 70s and 80s. Aroeria…