DIRECTV gives you “The Open Championship” Experience

By: 2015. 07. 13.

As part of “The Open Championship" Experience, DIRECTV offers multiple channels of golf action as the worlds best players take on the history of St. Andrews July 16-19. Thanks to the cooperation with ESPN, Directv subscribers will get an in-depth multi-screen…

PGA Tour continues with DIRECTV

By: 2015. 02. 21.

The PGA Tour will continue with DIRECTV for another 5 years. In the new agreement/contract will include expanded weekend coverage of 4 PGA Tour tournaments each season for DIRECTV customers through the “PGA TOUR Experience,” beginning with this…

Where to watch 2014 US Open Championship?

By: 2014. 06. 12.

I think it is a unfortunate coincidence that both 2014 U.S. Open Championship, U.S. Women’s Open Championships (June 19-22) and the 2014 World Cup start on the very same day. Probably in the U.S. it is less problematic than…