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When will start the on-demand economy in the golf industry?

By: 2015. 01. 05.

In the last couple of weeks I was thinking (inspired by The Economist's article) about how will the so-called on-demand economy change or modify the golf industry and the way we conduct golf club business. I think there…

Reducing golf course operating costs by 300%

By: 2009. 09. 30.

When golf courses are closing all around the world (only in US: 71 golf courses were shot down in the first half of this year) we are always happy to find solutions how we can reduce operating costs.…

Can we maintain the current green fee pricing policy?

By: 2009. 08. 23.

Before I went to volunteer on the 28th European Senior Golf Championship (by ESGA; 19-22 August 2009.) as a LiveScore counter, I launched a forum topic on LinkedIn.com about  green fee pricing policy. I received some very interesting…