How does Rockliffe Hall handle the HR challenges caused by the coronavirus crisis?

By: Jason Adams - Managing Director, Rockliffe Hall May 27, 2020

As a business we recognised in the very early days the potential dangers Covid-19 may bring.         

We heightened our hygiene procedures across the resort immediately and ordered additional hand sanitizer to be available and visible for Golf Members and Team Members alike.

One of the main areas we focussed on was the team so that they would be able to manage the lockdown and a successful re-opening. Much like hygiene, we started planning early.

Rockliffe Hall interview with Jason Adams MD

The HR department conducted a full data cleanse. The department heads collated all team member contact details, especially email addresses. We knew that this would be vital ongoing so that we could communicate remotely

Team Members have been kept informed throughout the full process as the resort gradually locked down, initially being the Spa, then the restaurants, and eventually, and unfortunately Golf.

Team Members, Resort Members, and Guests safety, has always been our priority over anything else. The teams that have been furloughed, have been communicated throughout lockdown, using email, zoom, WhatsApp and regular catch up calls to keep them engaged.

Receiving the “Rocky Round-Up” electronic newsletter several times a week, which includes wellbeing tips, news, baking tips, and humour.

Keeping the Team informed of resort actions by bulk upload emails, such as “How furlough works” and any changes we have made.

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We have also tried to keep a virtual form of normality, by continuing doing what we did while the resort was open, such as Team Member birthday cards and “Rock Star of the Month”, to demonstrate our continued value of them.

Team Members that were not eligible for Furlough because they joined us after the cut-off date, have remained with Rockliffe Hall and have continued to be paid.

All Team members that were furloughed have been paid 100% of their average wage. As our people are our greatest asset.

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Heads of Department have kept a continued connection with the team, it has been easier to educate the team to manage and conform to “the new normal”, priming them in readiness for when we reopen.

This has not come without its own challenges. There has been a team of core staff on the resort all through the lock down.

Every member of the team is committed to Rockliffe Hall and have found it frustrating that they want perfection but are confined to the restrictions from Government and Official bodies.

One example being  Greenkeepers’ restricted working hours and changes in regulations, but still wanting the golf course to be the exacting standard that our members expect of a Top 100 course.

We have all had to learn that there are things that we cannot do at the moment and things that we will not be able to do in the future. 

A wellbeing survey was sent to all Team Members and has highlighted their mindset and concerns regarding return both psychologically and physically.

The survey gave Rockliffe Hall the insight on what support and how we can provide it.

A manager’s guide has been made available that will provide the tools to deliver training to the team member before they encounter others including the correct PPE, Social Distancing and the confidence to challenge others who are not conforming.

All team members will be assessed before returning to ensure they are fit and healthy and what supported is required for their physical and mental wellbeing ongoing.