Which achievement Colin Mayes can be most proud of at Burhill Group?

By: June 27, 2024

Back in 2017, I had the pleasure of meeting Colin Mayes in person during the 2017 World Swimming Championships in Hungary.

Colin competed in the senior category, and at his request, I took him to visit the Pannonia Golf & Country Club, a popular spot for golf enthusiasts in Hungary.

I couldn’t help but take note of his helpful comments and advice about the golf club. Now, after this personal experience, I’d love to share with you the impressive achievements of Colin Mayes during his 19-year tenure at the Burhill Group.

Colin Mayes CEO Burhill Group

Colin Mayes has informed the board today of his intention to step down from his Group Chief Executive Officer role by March 31st, 2025, after 19 years in the role.

Through his tenure as CEO, Colin has overseen the transformation of BGL into one of the most successful golf and leisure businesses in the UK.

During this time, the Guinness family-owned BGL business has grown from 8 golf facilities in 2006 to 29 outlets today, with two more to be opened later this year.

Colin is highly respected by many as a progressive leader and force in the industry and has constantly strived to bring new ideas and innovations into the golf sector.

Many of BGL’s businesses are considered class-leading within their marketplace, whether in health and fitness facilities, adventure golf (both indoor and outdoor) or technology-enabled driving ranges.

Burhill Group staff development Clubhouse

Colin has been instrumental in not only developing BGL’s expansion into the experiential leisure market but also the people that have grown with it.

Under the Mulligans and BUNKERS! brands, there are now 14 businesses in operation.

Alongside the expansion into the young family activity market with the development of 5 Ninja UK venues, this growth has turned BGL into a year-round leisure business, protected from the seasonal challenges often found within traditional golf operations.

BGL Chairman, Edward Clive, commented: 

“The Board would like to pay tribute to Colin’s leadership of the Group. Colin has had a long and distinguished career within the hospitality sector and as a family we are very grateful for his significant contribution to the Group.

He has transformed the business from being purely golf to a broader leisure business, whilst delivering higher returns to support reinvestment into ongoing Group ESG initiatives and our BGL team. The Group is in a very strong position as it enters the next phase of development and growth.”

BGL-Burhill Group-Facilities-Andy Hiseman

The Board has begun a formal process to find a successor, considering internal and external candidates. Colin will continue as Group Chief Executive Officer during this process and ensure a smooth and orderly transition.