Beau Desert Golf Club is on a sustainability mission with John Deere

By: July 2, 2024

John Deere has unveiled new turf care machines customized for golf course clientele, specifically aimed at establishments such as TPC Deere Run and other PGA TOUR-affiliated courses.

The launch of these machines took place earlier this year. These include

  • electric Gator™ utility vehicles,
  • E-Cut™ Electric walk-greens mowers, and
  • E-Cut hybrid fairway mowers.

The Small Ag & Turf machines are now equipped with the John Deere Operations Center™ PRO Golf management software, which is seamlessly integrated within the John Deere Operations Center™.

This advancement facilitates enhanced communication between managers and employees, benefitting customers by promoting operational efficiency and transparency.

Like many other high-end golf clubs worldwide, Beau Desert Golf Club in Cannock, Staffordshire, is investing in sustainability.

The recent delivery of the initial phase of new John Deere machinery signifies the commencement of a transition toward sustainable golf course operations.

Introducing the new machinery fleet will facilitate the team’s achievement of its efficiency and productivity objectives.

Beau Desert Golf Club Cutting greens with the new John Deere machinery

Course Manager Steve Mucklow says

“What we’re really about is sustainability and we’ve managed to get the resources to improve and redevelop the golf course. That includes the machinery and with John Deere on board that’s very much part of us moving forward.”

Beau Desert Golf Club is now working towards making its 170-acre course as sustainable as possible. Unfortunately, it is still not a GEO Certified golf club.

Steve Mucklow added

“But for us, it’s also important to keep the tradition of the course. The way in which we’ve redeveloped the holes is in a very traditional way – everything we’ve used materials wise has come from on-site to keep everything sustainable and natural.”

Beau Desert Golf Club Steve Mucklow and Luke Sheldon

Steve Mucklow says

“Certainly from the mid 1970s, fuelled by tv, the trend was for green and stripes, fast, receptive greens, that Masters style set up – golf has gone full circle now, the traditional ‘running game’ is back in focus, in vogue, that suits us just fine here at Beau Desert Golf Club.”

So far, the Beau Desert Golf Club team has completed the restoration of three holes: the 1st, 5th, and 18th. They aim to restore the course fully by 2030.

The club has the redevelopment template, the Heathland and Woodland management plan, and a Farming in Protective Landscapes-funded scheme in place.

Club’s member demographic vs sustainability

In recent years, as the club’s member demographic has gotten younger and busier, the playing percentage has been relatively high, with around 40,000 rounds of golf played a year.

Climate change presents a significant concern for members of Generation Z and Millennials. These individuals are inclined to assess golf clubs’ environmental impact and policies.

Millennials are also wary of ‘greenwashing’. Millennials increasingly expect full disclosure on environmental practices backed by a transparent and sustainable supply chain.

Beau Desert Golf Club – John Deere machinery

John Deere’s state-of-the-art hybrid technology allows the Beau Desert Golf Club team to work more efficiently and sustainably.

So far this year, the team has received seven new additions to its fleet, including

  • a 2750 E-Cut riding greens mower,
  • a 7500 E-Cut for fairways,
  • 2 walk-behinds, and an 8800A to cut surrounds.

Plans are going forward for more machines to be ordered shortly.