Use Shot Scope G5 golf watch if you care more about distances!

By: July 14, 2023

To be honest with you, I’m someone who prioritizes tracking the distance covered during games over analyzing my performance statistics. I don’t have enough time for the latter.

The Shot Scope G5 golf watch developers understood that many people do not have time to analyze their performance but would like to know the exact distances in front of them.

This is a good answer for those who like the Shot Scope X5 GPS watch but would like to know the difference between the two Shot Scope golf watches.

In fact, this is the best way to describe the main difference. The Shot Scope X5 GPS watch is a touchscreen watch designed to be an everyday wearable watch and a golf performance tracking watch.

Shot Scope G5 golf watch with black housing and orange belt

Shot Scope G5 golf watch – features

Now let’s see the feature of the new Shot Scope G5 golf watch:

  • Front and carry distance for every hazard.
  • 36,000+ preloaded courses worldwide.
  • Last shot distance measurement: Track your shot distance.
  • 12 interchangeable quick-release colored straps: Classic White, Classic Black, Carbon Grey, Steel Grey, Navy, Army Green, Sky Blue, Burgundy, Mint Green, Orange, Pink, and Racing Red. 
  • Play courses worldwide with no subscription fees.
  • No phone is required on the course!!!!!
  • Lightweight at only 42g.
  • Dynamic front, middle, and back distances to the green.
  • Layup points and dogleg distances.
  • Digital scorecard to keep your score as you play.
  • Post-round summary – total time played and score.
  • Distances are available in Yards or Meters.
  • Conforms to the Rules of Golf.
  • Battery life: 2+ rounds of golf.
  • 2-year Shot Scope warranty.
  • Free firmware updates, including new features.

The new golf watch can be purchased at as well as at major golf stores and online retailers for £149.99.

Shot Scope G5 golf watch lifestyle photo

As I detailed the impressive features of the Shot Scope G5 golf watch, it became clear that using traditional rangefinders will be unnecessary and redundant.

Mordor Intelligence predicts

“The Smartwatch Market size in terms of shipment volume is expected to grow from 134.12 million units in 2023 to 456.89 million units by 2028, at a CAGR of 27.78% during the forecast period (2023-2028).”

To me, the data currently available appears rough. As a result, I believe that the data gathered from golf watches will need to provide more customization options in the future.