How does the new Shot Scope X5 GPS watch provide contextualized insights?

By: March 21, 2023

The sports performance and technology industry is undoubtedly an exciting and rapidly growing field. Allied Market Research predicts

  • the global sports watches market size was valued at $25.6 billion in 2021, and
  • is projected to reach $54.9 billion by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 7.9% from 2021 to 2031.

I can also see a growing demand for contextualized insights among athletes (including golfers). Usually, I am not crazy about the golf performance statistics of my game, just about the end results.

However, I could not resist Shot Scope’s V3 golf watch in 2020. Since then I am ready to learn more about my game.

It helped me to improve my game at my favorite golf clubs and learn how to play these golf courses. I don’t know which was less accurate, my watch or the golf course signage, but the difference was minimal.

What motivated me to use it more is the effortless usage.

Shot Scope V3 Magyar Golf Club 20210521
Shot Scope V3 golf watch

I also learned that the classic golf rangefinders are not comfortable for me. Wearables – such as golf GPS watches – became quickly popular since they are very personal. I would not go into the importance and trend of personalization here.

That is why the innovations of the new Shot Scope X5 GPS watch are interesting and important to me.

Shot Scope X5 GPS watch – details

The new Shot Scope X5 GPS watch comes with new and improved lightweight second-generation tracking tags.

It also has got a clear, full-color touchscreen and surrounding ceramic bezel, the X5 boasts impressive aesthetics, providing market-leading technology in a truly eye-catching design.

Shot Scope X5 GPS watch WAT-BLK_6

David Hunter, Chief Executive Officer at Shot Scope says

“It’s more than just a golf watch, with modern features like customisable watch faces and a built-in step counter, allowing golfers to have all their needs met in one seamless product. The X5 gives you all the tools to know your game better, and with a stylish design.

With access to over 100 performance statistics, the Shot Scope X5 GPS watch joins the shot tracking product family within the Shot Scope range, assisting the golfer’s journey to lower scores and play better golf.

The Shot Scope X5 GPS watch includes 36,000 preloaded courses worldwide (this is not far behind Garmin Approach S62: 41,000 courses; Voice Caddie T9: 40,000 courses, Bushnell iON Edge GPS Watch: 38,000 courses), complete with highly accurate front, middle, and back distances to all greens, hazards, and doglegs.

The green view has evolved to display the shape of the green from any location on the course, allowing golfers to drag and drop the pin to the correct location for the day.

Shot Scope X5 GPS watch -WAT-BLE_4

Shot Scope believes the new X5 GPS watch offers the best-in-class option when it comes to on-course shot tracking, and with industry-leading statistics available with no extra costs or subscriptions, it couldn’t be easier to start improving your game.

The Shot Scope X5 GPS watch will be available in 7 sleek color combinations; Stealth Black, Steel Grey, Midnight Blue, Prestige White, Prestige Black, Classic Black, and Classic White.

The new golf watch can be purchased at as well as at major golf stores and online retailers for £279.99.