What makes Zala Springs Golf Resort apartments unique?

By: Zala Springs Golf Resort May 23, 2016

What is the real estate development concept of Zala Springs Golf Resort?

Zala Springs Golf Resort is a unique development in Hungary. The resort is being positioned at the very top level and the aim is to deliver a world-class resort providing first class services. The luxury residential estate around the golf course will comprise numerous units with various choices of construction, from hotel room-like studios to 1-2-3 bedroom apartments, fantastic penthouse apartments with panoramic views and fabulous villas with large garden areas.

The apartments’ sizes will range between 30 to 135 sqm while the villas will be built according to individual needs. In the first phase of the development, 3 buildings with 55 apartments (from 100,000 Euro) are already under construction. The apartments are scheduled to be ready at the end of 2016.

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To whom do you intend these apartments for?

The Robert Trent Jones Jr.  (RTJ2) planned golf courses always represent a very high level of quality, thus experience a good reputation immediately after the opening. This is what happened last year and happens this year with our newly built facility. Recently 85% of our players and guests are coming from abroad. The real estate developments that are being built next or onto an RTJ2 golf course grants three times higher value increase compared to a non-branded one.

Reflecting these available and valid figures, we have prepared definitely our marketing and sales strategy for the international market. Professional and non-professional golf players of the region, a fan of Hungary and Zala County – Lake Balaton and Héviz with their unique services are very close to us – earlier Hungarian residents or people having Hungarian relatives.

As a positive, surprising impact of the recent Hungarian residential market upspring, about 50% of the properties’ buyers come from inside the borders, understanding wisely the value of our guaranteed profit investment product.

Zala Springs Golf Resort

What kind of services do you offer to future apartment owners?

Zala Springs Golf Resort strives to provide the best services for its Guests and real estate owners to ensure the maximum convenience during their stay at the resort:

  • Airport shuttle vehicles provide door to door airport transfer between Liszt Ferenc Airport (formerly known as Ferihegy) and Zala Springs Golf Resort.
  • First Class Service offers experienced chauffeurs and the most modern and luxurious cars.
  • Tennis courts are available at the Batthyány Castle Hotel.
  • In the premises of the resort, we provide a 24-hour security service.
  • We offer a laundry and ironing service at your convenience.
  • Transfer to Hévíz Lake – Hévíz lake is a one-of-a-kind natural curing lake, which refreshes both the body and mind. The lake is the largest (4,4 hectares) peat bottom medical lake in Europe.
  • Home management of the apartments that include utilizing apartments, handling repairs and maintenance, periodic inspection of vacant property, housekeeping and cleaning etc.

Why is it worth to buy an apartment at Zala Springs Golf Resort?

Golf Research Group has shown that our course’s designer, Robert Trent Jones Jr is the strongest brand at additional services connected to real estate development. RTJ2 resorts’ investments produce 30% yield on the basis of more than 100 studied USA courses yearly. We provide 5% net profit guarantee for the first two years, that may even be higher in the following years.

What percentage of the apartments were sold so far?

At the beginning or during the execution of the buildings we did not intend to sell our high-end apartments because high-end products need to be “touched and tasted” to be understood. Due to the significant demand for them, we decided to change our mind.

The best positioned apartments and are already sold to buyers from abroad. Many people expressed their interest in our hotel product where we provide 5% profit guarantee. Among these prospects, there are more Hungarian golfers and investors too. They believe it is a good real estate and financial investment in a top-notch offer.

Zala Springs Golf Resort_4

How does the proximity of the golf course affect the real estate sales?

Earlier we discussed the economic and financial correlations between a world class course and the high-quality buildings surrounding them. Here I propose to highlight a different but very easy to understand and heartwarming consequence.

Our Clients and Guest feel very comfortable and spend valuable time in our premises. The Golf Course with the continuous recreational and sports programs, the Club House with its culinary services and prestigious events already founded a special client base, thus the long term vision of the owners seems to be realized earlier as planned. Our members, clients and partners are becoming a community of prestigious international people, all being proud of belonging and owning the Zala Springs Golf Resort spirit.