Crown Golf’s first step toward mobile integration

By: April 13, 2014

This week I participated in an interesting conversation in LinkedIn with the founder of Hole19 mobile application Anthony Douglas (who in the past was my guest writer and wrote about similar topic).

I had to realize that although Hole19 had Android version (my smartphone is also an Android one) in 2012, but now they only have iOS version. I asked Anthony why did they give up Android in favour of iOS. He said "we had let go of Android a while back, after noticing a disproportional amount of iOS users".

Why am I telling this?

Crown Golf launched on Monday this week their new mobile tee time booking application, that enables members and visitors to book tee times instantly at 22 of the group’s golf facilities.


The new Crown Golf mobile application is free. What I like in this mobile booking application is when you book a tee time it is automatically added to my smart phone’s calendar, with a function to see all bookings both current and historic (it is early to talk about this, but good to have).

Here are my remarks about Crown Golf mobile tee time booking application:

  1. Mobile operation system selection should be based on our customers' usage (Crown Golf's tee time booking application will be available soon in this year via Android as well). Hole19 golf mobile application's case is a good example.
  2. Golf is a social game why should not our golf tee time booking application facilitate foursomes/threesomes games. In other words, let's enable customers to organize games with their friends! + add some gamification features to boost usage!
  3. Although at first hearing it sounds good that tee time is automatically added to my calendar, but some people will have some concern regarding their privacy. Or the customer should get something really worthy to give up from his/her privacy in favour of this benefit.
  4. Is it enough to focus only on tee time booking or should not we add also golf lessons or special offers (e.g. if you book more than 5 tee times you get X% discount)?
  5. SEO – you should think about how to find your app among the millions of other mobile application either directly on iOS or via Google. This is one of the weaknesses of this mobile application.