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EA’s social media power with Tiger Woods

By: 2010. 03. 08.

Do we remember that EA (Electronic Arts) "Walk on Water" spot with Tiger Woods from 2009?The ad went viral and generated 4,682,727 views (8/3/2010) within less than a year. How much it would cost to reach such a…

Accenture without Tiger Woods

By: 2010. 01. 15.

The Tiger Woods saga entered to a new chapter. Accenture has just launched its first print ad (by Y&R) without Tiger Woods in WSJ : In Bali I met couple of very talented (trained) elephants (Java elephants are…

Tiger Woods annual 100 million USD sponsorship income in danger

By: 2009. 12. 12.

As Tiger Woods' private life gets more publicity, companies are reevaluating their cooperation with the golf player. A successful sportsman is always a good tool for companies to communicate their values by sponsoring sportsmen. Tiger Woods is also…