Accenture without Tiger Woods

By: January 15, 2010

The Tiger Woods saga entered to a new chapter. Accenture has just launched its first print ad (by Y&R) without Tiger Woods in WSJ :


In Bali I met couple of very talented (trained) elephants (Java elephants are disappearing, only few thousands are living), however I am not convinced that elephants can replace Tiger Woods or anybody with such capability like Tiger Woods. For those who might forgot previous Accenture ads with Tiger Woods, here is a nice example:

I am sure that there are many examples of high performance beside elephants. How can they compare a performance of a human being and an animal???? Not to mention that without Photoshop no elephant will stand on a surf. 🙂

In spite of the above print ad I found on YouTube that we can still meet with Accenture ads with Tiger Woods at the airport: