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What benefits do Montrose Golf Links expect from Sweetspot’s cutting-edge booking technology?

By: 2023. 07. 06.

Sweetspot, a leading data-driven golf club management, booking, and business solutions provider, is thrilled to announce its further expansion into the Scottish market by signing Montrose Golf Links as its first club partner.  This milestone collaboration marks a…

Sweetspot CEO

How are golf clubs prepared for data-driven sales and marketing?

By: 2023. 03. 01.

One of my discoveries in 2022 was Sweetspot's revenue management platform. Sweetspot's CEO & Founder Henrik Ahlin gave a very useful and insightful presentation at the 2023 Golf Business Conference in Cascais (14-16 February). That's where I got…

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How does Club Caddie see the future of golf club management softwares?

By: 2022. 12. 20.

Today I will share with you an interview with Michael Rawlins, the Director of Product at Club Caddie. He started out as the Head Golf Professional, but as an Owner, he has done every job possible in the…

The End of Rack Rate? Dynamic Pricing in the Golf Industry

By: Linda Quinde 2013. 07. 30.

Two weeks ago I promised you that I will ask Linda Quinde, Executive Vice President of Operations at Ezlinks.com to share with us what do they think about the dynamic pricing model and how they want to incorporate it into their software. We’re…

Have your heard about dynamic pricing in the golf industry?

By: 2013. 07. 17.

Dynamic pricing has just arrived to the golf industry. Some golf clubs are already using this pricing model, like the Bent Creek Golf Club. This pricing model is not a new idea, it is widely used in the…