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AI Golf The Greenkeeper putting aid close look

Which putting aid can generate you awesome results?

By: 2021. 09. 01.

How many times has it happened to us that until we got close to the hole everything went well and then suddenly unintentionally, we destroyed our game with terrible putting (more than 3)? I also break my head…

SkyCaddie’s SkyPro gets attack angle feature

By: 2015. 08. 03.

The battle rages on among golf swing analyzers. Early this year Cleveland Golf launched its  Cleveland Golf Wedge Analyzer fitting system powered by Swingbyte technology and Epson their M-Tracer golf swing analyzer. I think I do not have to introduce you SkyCaddie's…

SkyCaddie pampers its social media fans

By: 2015. 03. 25.

SkyCaddie has overr 33,000 fans on its worldwide Facebook and Twitter channels. To reward these loyal fans, SkyCaddie has decided to provide original content celebrating the last 20 years of The Masters, in a 20-day countdown to 2015’s…