Which putting aid can generate you awesome results?

By: September 1, 2021

How many times has it happened to us that until we got close to the hole everything went well and then suddenly unintentionally, we destroyed our game with terrible putting (more than 3)? I also break my head on how to score lower.

We all know that we must add our ability to read a puttaim our putter face accurately, and control our ball speed so that it matches our read. Probably, my biggest challenge in putting is how to control my ball speed.

Did you know: the PGA Tour average from 35 feet is 2.0 putts whereas a 16-25 handicap needs to be some 20 feet closer to reach that average.

One of the vows this year was to learn to control the speed of the ball. How could I achieve this?

AI Golf The Greenkeeper on the green putting aid

My Irish PGA Pro recommended buying putting aid to practice ball speed & alignment outside his lessons. He said I should consider these five issues:

  1. Practicality – where & when you will use it
  2. Design – keep it simple
  3. Durability – check out the material of the putting aid
  4. Warranty
  5. Affordability

How many of you remember and use PING’s iPING free mobile application or Swingbyte? Just for a quick reminder. The iPING app is analyzing your putting consistency by 3 criteria:

  1. tempo,
  2. impact angle, and
  3. stroke type.

Swingbyte and Skypro are not solely focused on putting but on methodology, I found some similarities with AI Golf (a putting aid from Australia).

AI Golf The Greenkeeper putting aid close look

AI Golf’s The Gatekeeper putting aid is a patented device that mimics pendulum putting action performed by the golfer and provides feedback on tempo, face rotation, and stroke.

So unlike other putting aid, you can put it on your putter (regardless of brand and putter shaft size). AI Golf has made sure that if the thickness of the shaft is thinner, you can still put it on, by using their rubber insert. This is what happened to me with my Wilson Staff putter.

When I first tested it a couple of weeks ago, I really enjoyed the instant feedback and the quick improvement of my putter placement + amplified my focus. My tempo is still not ideal, but I believe I am on the right track.

What’s still very good about it is that it’s not location-dependent like most competitors. Depending on your level of game (Pro – Advanced – Beginner) you can choose the iron ball accordingly.

AI Golf The Greenkeeper putting aid first step

Now I read that AI Golf won a gold medal at the Good Design Australia’s Good Design Awards. In 2019, AI Golf won a bronze medal at the IDA Design Awards.

Next time when you are buying a new indoor putting mat don’t forget to add AI Golf’s The Gatekeeper putting aid too.

What came to my mind is why golf equipment brands like Odyssey, don’t offer putting aids…this could enhance our experience with their putters

Meanwhile, Golf Datatech has just reported in June

Golf equipment sales (balls, clubs, shoes, bags, gloves, distance devices) were up 78% compared to 2020 and 41% vs. 2019.”

This article is brought to you by AI Golf.