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How to save money on golf equipment buying?

By: 2009. 12. 31.

In one of my previous post I wrote about how much worth to pay for a golf club and other golf equipments, like golf balls, putters, wedges, golf clothing, pull carts, golf bags etc.  I cannot stress enough…

Golf Digest’s latest golf award – so what?

By: 2009. 09. 24.

New year, new competition. 64 golf clubs, 46,000 people participated and 600,000 criteria evaluations were collected in the latest survey of Golf World (Golf Digest). Such survey and competition was relevant and useful when there was no online…

Golf Equipment Industry in social media (part 3)

By: 2009. 09. 20.

You probably asking me, after reading golf equipment industry in social media (part 2) why do I emphasize the importance/role of social media in golf product communication and how it will gear up sales. Starting point is 72%…