Golf Digest’s latest golf award – so what?

By: September 24, 2009

New year, new competition. 64 golf clubs, 46,000 people participated and 600,000 criteria evaluations were collected in the latest survey of Golf World (Golf Digest). Such survey and competition was relevant and useful when there was no online media and within it social media. This is still a good tactic for publishers to generate sales. However we can see the participating golf clubs' number is pretty low. So what is a value of this "survey"? Do they wan to fool us?

If anybody want to assess the real quality or popularity of his golf course, then here are some tools:

  1. News buzz:, Google News, Yahoo News
  2. Social media buzz:, Google Blog Search
  3. Blog conversations, trends and comments:
  4. Photos, videos: Picasa,,
  5. Social bookmarking:,
  6. Keyword referrals:

By the way, Forest Dunes GC, Roscommon, Michigan won the competition.