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The Rise of the Local Voice in Golf Tourism

By: Michael Galosso 2014. 03. 02.

Last week I mentioned you that Michael Galosso, the Chief Operating Officer at Golfscape.com will share here his thoughts about the latest trend in golf tourism. Social technology is definitely changing the landscape and what think about golf…

Do we really need golf travel agents anymore?

By: 2014. 02. 23.

Last week I had an interesting talk with Michael Galasso the Chief Operating Officer of Golfscape.com a start-up golf social networking portal.  While we were talking about many things regarding the golf tourism industry, I realized very soon…

Social technology and private golf clubs

By: 2013. 10. 26.

I was really happy to read Frank Vain's (president of McMahon Group) article about need of usage of technology (in many instances social technology) in private golf clubs to improve connectivity, reduce operating costs and increase revenue (not…