Social technology and private golf clubs

By: October 26, 2013

I was really happy to read Frank Vain's (president of McMahon Group) article about need of usage of technology (in many instances social technology) in private golf clubs to improve connectivity, reduce operating costs and increase revenue (not to forget new member sales as well). This also applies to other golf clubs as well.

Every day, an increasing number of connected consumers (yes, private golf club members as well!!) are taking to social networks to ask for help or express sentiment related to business or product related experiences. The reality is that social media is the new normal.

In addition to this smart phone and mobile application usage does not belong solely to the under 45 age group.

Online banking, online booking and online shopping just a few to mention are natural part of our daily life. Hence those who think if we use social and other new technologies in our sales and CRM activities it will alienate golf club members, then I must say: they are wrong. 

In a recent survey of The Economist Intelligence Unit, 60% of the surveyed North American executives who said (not from the golf industry) they will invest in 2013 and in the following years in socila media and technology. 

Social technology

Companies should view social technologies not as another tool to utilize, but as an enabler of organizational transformation as well. Those who don't recognize this, they will fail to identify the specific organizational problems social technologies can solve. I think it is important to facilitate collaboration among employees.

Needless to say companies/golf clubs must define their objectives, select technology and then consider what kind of organizational change supports the new objectives.

Therefore private golf club managers (and other golf club managers as well) should think about the following 3 major challenges: Customer experience, Conversation management and Collaboration with clients (e.g. suppliers as well) / golf club members / golf club workers.

Since July 2012 I brought up several solutions and ideas that can help golf club managers and owners to reach their business goals and objectives. Here are some of them:

These ideas and concepts could be used within a company/golf club as well. We should inspire our workforce to innovate and collaborate more productively. This way we can create tangible business value.

Probably the biggest challenge of social technology implementations is how we can build them into the corporate culture.