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Wilson Staff Model RB Utility iron in a golf bag

Upgrade your long game with the new Wilson Staff Model RB Utility irons!

By: 2024. 06. 12.

Have you ever pondered the possibility of shortening lengthy par-3 or par-5 holes? Of course you want that! Wilson Golf seeks to provide a solution with the new Wilson Staff Model RB Utility irons. The Staff Model RB…

TaylorMade P·DHY and PUDI utility irons on course

Could TaylorMade’s new P·UDI & P·DHY utility irons be the breakthrough for golfers?

By: 2024. 05. 08.

A recent TaylorMade research showed that UDI usage skews towards the better player, but many mid-handicappers still play utility irons. The majority of DHY™ players ranged from 6 handicaps to 18 handicaps. Another finding of this research was…

Wilson Staff Model Utility Irons-Exploded

Are Wilson Staff Model Utility Irons confidence boosters?

By: 2019. 11. 07.

When I am writing about the latest golf clubs, it always fascinates me their material selection. This is also true regarding the Wilson Staff Model Utility Irons. In the last couple of years, there was almost no golf…