Are Wilson Staff Model Utility Irons confidence boosters?

By: November 7, 2019

When I am writing about the latest golf clubs, it always fascinates me their material selection. This is also true regarding the Wilson Staff Model Utility Irons.

In the last couple of years, there was almost no golf equipment manufacturer who has not used tungsten. Let me give you some examples:

Tungsten is popular because it has got a higher density than the majority of other metals. It allows a large amount of weight to be contained in a much smaller package than otherwise possible.

Wilson Staff Model Utility Irons-Cross-Section

The new Wilson Staff Model Utility Irons are constructed with a high-strength C300 maraging steel face that delivers faster ball speeds across the clubface.

Maraging steel is famous for its superior strength and toughness.

Maraging steel is also used in the sport of fencing. Maraging blades are superior for foil and épée because crack propagation in maraging steel is 10 times slower than in carbon steel, resulting in less blade breakage.

The Wilson Staff Model Utility Irons featured a hollow body, providing longer distance, increased forgiveness, and improved launch angle.

Wilson Staff Model Utility Irons-Exploded-white

Jon Pergande, Manager of Golf Club Innovation is promising:

“The Wilson Staff Model Utility Irons will give golfers confidence on every shot and in every condition.”

The Wilson Staff Model Utility Irons offer seven grams of weight positioned low inside the club head, increasing the forgiveness and ensuring a higher ball flight.

Pricing & Availability of Wilson Staff Model Utility Irons

These Utility Irons come stock with KBS Tour Hybrid graphite shaft and are paired with Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet grip.

They are offered in 18-degree, 21-degree and 24-degree loft options, and will be available for purchase on and in fine retailers for $229.99 per iron beginning December 11th.