Environment awareness in golf course management

By: February 13, 2010

Do we remember how disappointing was Kyoto and than Copenhagen climate conference? Especially when Obama posed as the world's savior….uhhhhhhhhhhhhh Now I think I found something real serious environment protecting initiative. Because I have doubt about Golf Environment Organization's fairness and it reminds me Superbrands competition.

So the organization called Groundwater Guardian. They have a Green Site program that recognizes good stewards of groundwater by encouraging managers of highly-managed green spaces (golf courses, ball fields, education campuses, parks, etc.) to implement, measure, and document their groundwater-friendly practices related to chemical use, water use, pollution prevention, water quality, and environmental stewardship.

Just to understand how important is to preserve groundwater: half of the U.S. population depends on groundwater for drinking purposes. It is funny that groundwater is rarely found in underground rivers or lakes in Instead, groundwater is water that fills the cracks and pores of rocks and sediments that lie beneath the surface of the earth–much the waywater saturates a sponge.

The organization is based in US and focuses as far as I know on the local golf courses. where will their first partner in Europe? Will Golf Environment Organization cooperate with them? Who will provide worldwide benchmark for golf courses?


We can follow up Groundwater Guardian's activities on Twitter and Facebook as well: