Royal Blackheath Golf Club is under a multi-year renovation process

By: September 18, 2014

Creative Golf Design won the pitch for 5-year restoration of Royal Blackheath Golf Club (instituted in 1608!!; According to Bernard Darwin, it is the oldest golf club in the world). Creative Golf Design will work in tandem with John Nicholson Associates. The value of the project is not disclosed.

Ken Moodie (owner of Creative Golf Design) will be the second Scottish golf architect to be chosen after James Braid.

Royal Blackheath Golf Club 1

The first phase at Royal Blackheath Golf Club, including bunker modifications (see photo below) on the 2nd, 17th and 18th holes, started in August 2014 and was completed in the second week of September.

Royal Blackheath Golf Club under construction

The 3-phase renovation project includes new tees and bunkers, extensive alterations to existing bunkering and teeing grounds, plus a wide range of general course improvements. They will restore the golf course aesthetically to its 1920s state.

This is nice, but I would take in consideration of our days golf club capabilities, namely the ability to hit further then in those days…For this reason I would modify a little bit the old golf design to challenge golfers to pay more attention how they hit the golf ball.