Improved playability at the enhanced Kiva Dunes Golf & Beach Resort

By: September 24, 2015

As part of the 20-year anniversary, Kiva Dunes Golf and Beach Resort is now undergoing a $3.5 million enhancement. As part of the project the Jerry Pate designed golf course will be improved and they will add also a new pool service (within a a new 12,000-square-foot Pavilion. The Pavilion will have a Classical Caribbean Vernacular design.) that will overlook the Gulf of Mexico.

It is very likely that the renovated Kiva Dunes Golf and Beach Resort will be reopened at early next monthHeritage Links is in charge of the renovations and enhancement project. As a ‘caring parent’, Jerry Pate is also participating in the renovation process.

Kiva Dunes

I was told that the golf course renovations are aimed to improve the playability of the course for the average golfer, while maintaining the challenges and shot-values enjoyed by more experienced golfers. These will be the changes:

  • Replacing the champion turf grass on the greens with a more temperate and golfer-friendly Tiff-Eagle turf.
  • Completely rebuilding and reshaping the white sand bunkers.
  • Stabilizing the walls on many of the greens.
  • Leveling of each tee box and rototilling the Bermuda grass fairways, a process which will dispose of the organic layering under the fairway and ensure for perfect lies and approach shots into the new greens.
  • Re-vegetation of native grasses and sandy dunes found throughout the course.
  • Improving the natural transitions between grasses and the indigenous beach landscape.

I think not every golf club can afford such a big scale of renovation and development according to the 2015 State of the Industry Report commissioned by Nufarm and Jacobsen.

The Report found that this is what likely to happen in the next 3 years in US golf clubs:

  • 51% – will improve bunkers,
  • 82% – will not change the golf course length,
  • 62% – will not change the green,
  • 51% – will not change native areas and turf,
  • 47% – will remove trees.

Renovation and Construction projects for the next 3 years

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