London Golf Club is changing to data driven irrigation

By: August 28, 2017

In these days, the London Golf Club is changing to a data driven irrigation solution, the Rain Bird V8 irrigation, and control software. The software was launched in May 2017. I am sure that Paul Kennedy, Head of Irrigation and Water Management (see picture below) at London Golf Club was happy to discover they don’t have to replace any rotor heads, just to update their software.

London Golf Club Rain Bird v8 software Paul Kennedy Head of Irragation and Water Management

As water costs are increasing, it is really understandable that a golf club is looking for a solution to optimize water consumption without giving up the irrigation area. Unlike previous software version, the Rain Bird v8 software gives greater control over their irrigation systems and includes most previously optional add-ons at no additional cost. Rain Bird, updated its popular Mobile Interface (MI) product to Version 4.5. Both that interface and the new Central Control software now operate on the Windows™ 10 platform.

I think we passed that moment when the main attraction was the control of our irrigation systems. From now on, we should think about how can we make smart our irrigation systems (see Internet of Things: IoT). Therefore the question is how could we enable the various parts of the irrigation system to communicate with each other. This is why I am more impressed by the approach of Toro (see The Internet of Turf™ for Data Collection and Management).

Most of the businesses are expecting from IoT solutions:

  1. lowering their operating costs,
  2. increasing productivity,
  3. they can help companies like Toro and Rain Bird to expand to new markets.

Business Insider is expecting that $6 trillion will be spent on IoT solutions over the next five years. This will attract the development of sophisticated IoT analytics solutions, machine learning integration, and security measures.

What is even more interesting is the rise of the usage of artificial intelligence (AI). In May 2017, it was a great news when Pebble Beach announced its virtual concierge service (in cooperation with IBM Watson) that is based on artificial intelligence. At the latest Masters, IBM Watson AI helped to spot great shots. Even for irrigation purposes, it is possible to use, as we learned from the EU funded WATERGOLF project:

“The objective of the project was the development of a system based on a wireless network of sensors and artificial intelligence which provides support to green keepers when making decisions related to irrigation and treatments on the golf course.”

Personally, I am expecting a growing role of artificial intelligence. By the way, I have found a turf production solution that is utilizing AI, called SodSat. How about you?

Your Turn

Do you know any IoT solution in the field of irrigation, turf management or in other areas of golf club management? AI usage best practices are also welcome! 🙂