Who will be the 9th patron of EIGCA?

By: November 14, 2017

The European Institute of Golf Course Architects (EIGCA) is already cooperating with leading golf organizations like the CMAE, EGA, EGCOA, European Tour, FEGGA, GEO, the PGAs of Europe, and The R&A. This impressive list is expanding now with BIGGA (The British and International Golf Greenkeepers Association) as a new patron.

EIGCA McMurrray and Croxton

As part of the cooperation, BIGGA will help EIGCA in:

  • to develop the EIGCA’s new points-based Continuing Professional Development programme, in line with BIGGA’s own CPD system;
  • BIGGA will recommend their members use the services of EIGCA members when considering design or redevelopment work to their courses.

In exchange EIGCA will:

  • provide speakers for BIGGA events and education days, contribute to articles for Greenkeeper International Magazine and assist with technical guidance;
  • similarly, promote the advantages of BIGGA membership.

Where are the e-learning services at EIGCA?

How could EIGCA improve further its educational program?
  • There are more and more who consume educational content on their smartphones and tablets. Are you prepared for this need and content consumption format? Have you got mobile-friendly content? Such content should be personalized and committed to their learning goals.
  • Can you provide just-in-time learning services?

This means that EIGCA, but also other organizations and golf clubs as well, should formulate solutions that blend modern learning with traditional and personalized learning experiences.

In the coming years I expect the following changes in learning:

  1. The rise of mobile learning. Elucidat found that 67% of people learn on their mobile.
  2. The usage of Augment Reality to demonstrate real life. This could be an extension or ‘bonus’ for the on-the-job training.
  3. Creation collaborative networks (aka Social eLearning) where members can help each other (e.g. Yammer.com, InnoCentive.com, GreenPlanetArchitects.com).
  4. The importance of content curation is on the rise as the available content on various subjects is growing significantly. We should help golf architects to find the most reliable and useful content.

The above-mentioned solutions can foster future collaborations between members and social involvement. I did not add to the list gamification, but it could be used well to motivate people to contribute more and take learning really seriously.

Your Turn

How would you improve EIGCA’s educational program? Share with us! Thank you. 🙂