Who will switch 1st to Bermuda grass on the Costa del Sol?

By: July 8, 2019

In February this year, I have already told you that the Spanish La Cala Resort near Málaga (Costa del Sol) began in 2018 a major renovation program of its 3 golf courses.

The renovation project started on the Campo America golf course in 2018. I assume this was so since it is the most popular golf course of the La Cala Resort.

Following the agenda, now it is the turn of Campo Asia. This golf course and Campo Asia were designed by Cabell B. Robinson.

Campo Asia was the first of the three to open in 1989 and which has co-hosted The Alps Tour Q School for the last seven years along with Campo America.

Campo Asia La Cala Resort Costa del Sol

1st golf course to switch to Bermuda grass on the Costa del Sol

It will be the first golf course on the Costa del Sol to switch to Bermuda grass this summer, via the ‘No-Till’ method rather than returfing.

This method is widely used in Florida and the Southeast region of the US. No-till fairway renovation is not a totally new concept. In the early 1980s, row planting of Bermuda grass was used in the Southeast (USA) for repairing winterkill damage.

The ‘No-Till’ method has also got advantages and disadvantages. This is what I found.

  1. Less soil erosion: In no-till farming, the soil is more resistant to erosion caused by wind and water. 
  2. Less disruptive method for converting fairways to newer, improved bermudagrass cultivars.
  3. Improved year-round performance;
  4. Less soil compaction;
  5. Saves time: You’ll only have to pass over a field just once (rather than three or more times), no-till farming saves you in labor costs.
  6. Lower fuel costs;
  7. Less soil moisture loss: it leaves plant residues on the ground, which can help keep the soil moist and protect against evaporation caused by sun and wind.
  8. Healthier soil.
  1. Initial costs of No-Till equipment;
  2. Learning curve for No-Till planting;
  3. Gullies can form;
  4. Potential increased chemical use.
Rafael Linares and David Cooper and Robert Mitchell at Golf La Cala in Costa del Sol

La Cala Resort by using Bermuda grass is expecting:

  • much lower water consumption and
  • relying less heavily on the use of chemicals and fertilizers.

As part of the refurbishment program, all bunkers will be renovated to improve the course’s visual appeal and conditioning.

Campo Asia will re-open for play with its new Bermuda greens and renovated bunkers in September this year.